Benefits of Ozone Shock Treatments in Classrooms at Night

We’ve consulted with educators in several Southern States where mold issues, in mostly older schools, threaten both teacher and student and our ozone machines have blessed everyone with better health, and test scores. Sadly, this has to be done on the down low and paid for by the teachers themselves. They set our 10g ozone generators to go off for two hours in the middle of the night when nobody is around. We recommend 1 AM to 3 AM. The next morning, both teachers and students are welcomed by fresh, clean, bacteria, mold, and virus free air. And oh what a blessing that is to their wellbeing and ability to learn/teach!

The people in charge don’t care about our health. They live in gated communities with private security guards. Their homes feature the top of the line in duct HVAC cleaning and sanitizing systems. The food they eat, which of course they don’t have to prepare, is organic and top of the line. Only the best for our elected officials! But you and I? They couldn’t care less. (unless there is a kickback or something in it for them, lol) We have to fend for ourselves. And that’s why smart teachers are turning to nightly ozone shock treatments to sanitize their work area and provide a healthier environment for them and their kids. The only study I can find on this subject was from 100 years ago in St Louis MO. It found that not only did sick days go down, test scores went up by simply performing nightly ozone shock treatments in the school via their HVAC system.

Mold is a serious issue in many parts of our county. You’d think that more would be done to protect our children and teachers. If your child goes to school in an older school in a humid area, you might want to share this article with their teacher, or better yet, gift them one of our ozone generators to turn on in the middle of the night to sanitize and purify the air when nobody is present.

4 thoughts on “Benefits of Ozone Shock Treatments in Classrooms at Night

  1. Interesting… Digressing a bit but…. which ozone until, with silicone tubing and stone do you recommend from your product line for this application and daily run time. The unit can be protected from rain, which is only seasonal but AZ heat on the unit would be my biggest concern
    I have two 1500 gal tanks which hold my well water ( a common practice for slow producing wells ) I would like to keep that stored water fresh with a safe ozone treatment, before my home filter/UV final treatment which have routine replacement.

    1. We make a 10g ‘bare bones’ unit that’s not featured on our website (made according to tank size) that has the guts of our 10g stainless steel case unit but instead of a 10 liter per hour pump, a pump strong enough for any well size. It also turns on and off with a 24 hr timer instead of an on off switch. The price is the same, $500, because of the more expensive pump, even though it doesn’t have a case. (sits on a 10″ x 10″ piece of acrylic. We recommend a 5 minute shock every 3 hours to keep the water ozonated and pathogen free. That is the unit we recommend for well holding tanks. Call us to learn more or order.

  2. I’m a retired MD… more and more I realize that the MD profession has been from the start a “Culling Profession.” Doctors have always killed far more people than all the other causes of death combined. When I realized why the CONTROLLERS had demonized Ozone I bought one ozone generator after another, 4 in four years. I breath ozone 3 – 4 hours a day. Just like a suntan, once your body adapts its no problem. It also keeps the insects/spiders away.
    The more I research Ozone the more obvious it becomes that Wilhelm Reich’s cure-for-all called “Orgone” was nothing more than Ozone – and just like the Khazarian Freud he made certain that it was kept secret from the public.
    Google Search for “Corona Discharge ozone generator” that generate ozone like lightning does, think Tesla, and you will ALWAYS end up with UV ozone generators. This is no coincidence. It is a complete miracle I found this site.
    But far worse: the Culling Profession has demonized Vitamin D. Just like with ozone: high enough levels of vitamin D will keep you healthy. To help its Culling Profession after WW II, the food-industry took as much Vit D out of our diet as they could and set “safe daily intake” to ridiculously low levels, like 600-800 IU/day.
    If a person sits in the sun for 20-30 minutes without sunscreen s/he will get about 10,000 IU of Vitamin D which is more than 10 times the recommended dose…. so something is seriously wrong with the numbers.
    Studies reveal over and over that sick people nearly always have low Vit D levels … I have never met a doctor that prescribed Vit D… even though high blood-levels reverse and even cure nearly all the “incurable diseases” of the Culling Profession, like MS, Parkinson’s, psoriasis, Crone’s, autoimmune disorders… every disease.
    Stay healthy. Breath Ozone and take tons of Vitamin D

    1. Thank you Dr Palotas for your input. I’m sure most doctors would agree with your assessment of ozone but dare not say anything, especially if they still owe a quarter million in student loans.

      I’m a big fan of vitamin D, essential fatty acids, and if you get sick. NAC, garlic, C, and other well known supplements that help boost the immune system. I blogged a while about the benefits of gargling with vodka if you get a soar throat. Swishing it around for a few minutes then spitting it out allows the dead virus to enter the blood via the gums. Your immune system will identify the dead virus and do the rest. Simple things like this, and ozone therapy of course, work at preventing lower respiratory illness. But of course. There’s no money for pharma in natural cures, supplements, or ozone. So they don’t want people to know about it. Or use it. And they definitely don’t want doctors to recommend it, so THANK YOU for your input, and God Bless you and yours.

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