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2 Day Expedited Shipping. A $15 value. Now Free with Phone Orders*!

2 Day Expedited Shipping. A $15 value. Now Free with Phone Orders*!

Great! But what’s the asterisk all about? The caveat is that it’s free if you pay with a debit card (Visa or MasterCard.)

In the past 10 years. The banks have gotten us for over $60,000 in processing fees. I recently discovered CardX. A credit card processor that only charges 1% to process debit cards. It also passes the processing fee (around 3%) onto the customer in the form of a fee if they use a Credit Card and thus passes that fee onto the customer rather than the vendor. Many government and ticket selling agencies use their service. And many websites trying to lower their operating costs are jumping onboard. We’re not going to use them for Internet sales, but we will use them moving forward on all phone orders. The choice to use a Debit or Credit card will be left up to our customers. Either way. Call in your order and you’ll get a free upgrade to same day shipping via 2 day USPS Priority mail. I see this as a win-win for both us and the customer. And a big L for the bankers who have been fleecing us for years.

Our Digital Water Ozonator / Air Dryer is Back!

Our Digital Water Ozonator / Air Dryer is Back!

We’ve added what I feel is the best water ozonator value in the world. It’s made for us by a company that’s been selling ozonators for over 20 years, with a few modifications for the US marketplace. It is my belief that US consumers will pay a little more for a better product, especially a product that is supposed to address health issues. Sure, all ozonators, even the cheap $49 200 mgh ones create ozone. However. They also put toxins into the water. The lower end ones do this because they use metal tubes, plastic barbs (the thing the silicone tube connects to) and cheap stones made from toxic materials. Even the higher end ones are guilty of this unless the vendor cares enough to replace the toxic parts with US food grade parts (silicone tubes, bubblers, and quartz tubes). I’m that type of vendor. I can’t sell a product used to address disease and illness with a product that may, well, you know.

The main modification is the stainless steel barb. It won’t crack and break off within a year, the whole time leaching chemicals into the water like the plastic counterpart. We’ve also opted for made in the USA glass bubblers. Each unit comes with two, a $34 value. Lastly, the silicone tubing is US food grade, not made in China. These modifications add at least $50 of value, hence the $149 price tag. For a limited time, we will sell it for $129 to get word out the best ozonator value in the world is back in stock. We had several vendors who bought 10 at a time from us to get the wholesale price. When we get those vendors back, we’ll end the special and go back to the retail price of $149.

The timer can be programmed for 1 to 60 minutes. A rheostat allows you to adjust the ozone concentration downward for insufflations. At full power, the gamma is over 80 and too much for some types of insufflations. We don’t offer medical advice about gamma, but you can get that info from your doctor. We just advise you on how much gamma you get with x y or z setting.

The air dryer is the thing that makes this superior to ozonators without an air dryer or air intake. You can hook this up to an oxygen concentrator, oxygen tank, or the supplies air dryer. Without an air dryer, you’re creating unhealthy byproducts so technically, the ozone being produced shouldn’t be consumed (drank if bubbled into water) If you do so with the typical ozonator, you’ll be getting all kinds of toxins along with the ozone. With this ozonator, using the air dryer which limits the amount of moisture that can enter the ozone tube to a minimum, you can product nearly medical grade ozone without the use of oxygen. Let me put this another way. This is my daily driver for making ozonated water, and I have access to an oxygen fed higher powered ozonator. I have one of these in my bathroom to ozonator water to gargle with before and after I brush my teeth. I have this unit in the kitchen to make ozonated water that I use to make ozonated ice (in a silicone ice tray) that I use on skin conditions. Cuts. Scrapes. And to keep fish fresh (sushi grade) just to list a few. Being portable makes it my travel ozonator as well. When the ones I’ve had in stock for years (for personal use) finally crapped out, I decided to resurrect this product. And this time, I won’t allow it to fall out of stock in the future, permanently adding it to our ozonator product line. Enjoy!

Forever ozone ozonator
Forever Ozone water ozonator with air dryer
stainless steel barb
Features a stainless steel barb (not plastic which adds impurities, breaks off)
Why Forever Ozone is the best deal for an ozone generator.

Why Forever Ozone is the best deal for an ozone generator.

Why should you think twice before buying your ozone generator from Amazon or another vendor? Amazon and other vendors sells ceramic plate air ozone generators that are inferior to cold corona glass quartz tube air ozone technology we sell. Ceramic plate ozone generators run hot, and heat destroys ozone. Ceramic plate technology also suffers with humidity. The ozone output is reduced by the percentage of humidity. 50% reduces ozone production by 50%. 70% humidity levels means a 70% ozone production reduction. Every time. Guaranteed! That’s just the nature of the beast, and this is well known in the industry. Not so with UV or quartz tube technology however! Have you ever tried to price UV ozone generators? Jaw hit the floor however when you seen the prices? A 20g UV ozone generator cost over $2000! The reason we don’t charge that much is that our cost of goods is very low due to the fact we don’t have to advertise our products. We are the inventors and we have our electronic parts built to our specs meaning our products are built to last! That’s why we can offer a lifetime warranty. Another major difference between our products and Amazons. Their products seem to be built to crap out the minute the warranty expires. And ever try to cash in on one of their warranties? It’s a nightmare, and you end up paying shipping which sometimes is more than the product itself.

We’ve been in business over 10 years and have over 30,000 past customers. Amazon will never be able to offer the superior products we sell or provide the type of customer service we provide. Try to get an Amazon vendor to answer your ozone related questions! They’re just in it to make a quick buck. They don’t care about ozone. We do! So. To sum up. Enjoy the lower prices while they last. Gas prices will continue to rise, and that will cause everything to go up in cost over the coming year. Including ozone generators. And if things proceed as I see them progressing on the world stage? Then the entire supply chain will be disrupted and live as we knew it will have to change. So now is the time to get those things you’ll need to be your own doctor in the future.

Thanks again for your lasting support. God Bless! Mike

New Ozone Therapy Products Now Available.

New Ozone Therapy Products Now Available.

My favorite show growing up was the 80s show MacGyver. I felt from a young age that if everyone could just have MacGyvers’ gift for solving problems, all world problems would cease to exist. Well, I grew up always thinking ‘what would MacGyver do’ when facing any challenge, and guess what? I developed a ‘knack’ for solving problems in my life that has served me and my family well.

So we’re adding an ozone sauna tent and a pump action ozone bidet to our offering once again. I quit offering these products at the beginning of the so called pandemic because of supply side issues. The tents went from costing $100 to over $200 in many cases. You can still find vendors selling them for $250 or more. But the price has come back down to $120 or so (when you add tax and shipping) . That will be our price. But this is an ‘add on’ product only, not sold alone! If you buy our 10g water ozonator, you can add this to your purchase. The ozone bidet on the other had wasn’t available during the onset of the pandemic. Too much demand caused the price to quadruple, so I just quit selling it. We’ll offer that as well as an ‘add-on” for $20. It allows you to pump ozonated water into hole #1 or #2 if you’re a woman, or one of those what-cha-ma-call-m’s. 😉 Joking aside, if you ever have irritable bowels, constipation, the runs, or are detoxing, cleaning your rectum out with highly ozonated water is a true god-send.

The type of ‘ozone therapy’ that one can receive from a simple steam sauna tent, our 10g medical grade ozone generator, and an oxygen concentrator is game changing! Just place the steam sauna outside so that the small amount of ozone that leaks out near the neck opening can be whisked away by a breeze or small nearby fan. If you were forced to take a vaccine, or you didn’t take one and you want to prevent from getting too sick from any cold or flu bug you might catch here on out, then this is something you’ll want to own.

We can’t do anything about the madness coming from the outside world. We can however find solutions to counter the challenges we face. Ozone therapy is one of those solutions that must remain below the radar (lest it be shut down) and that wise people will add to their ‘wellness toolkit’ while they still have a chance.

PS. If you decide to buy our 10g ozone generator with oxygen concentrator and this tent and want to start a local business offering ozone therapy, give me a call. (619-361-5195: Mike) I’d love to supply you with the tent and bidet at cost along with giving your new business a jumpstart by linking to your website! (Via an ‘ozone therapy’ section in our menu) We get hundreds sometimes thousands a visitors a day, all organic (how we keep our cost of goods down) I’m sure our customers in your area would love to support your business!

With so many health professionals quitting over vaccine mandates, wouldn’t that be something if we could establish thousands of ozone therapy spas around the world to help put an end to the …… well. You know.

Steam Sauna. Can also be used for Ozone Sauna”
Ozone Bidet

Operation Global Reset: 1.1. Nano Graphene Oxide in Vaccines, Masks.

Operation Global Reset: 1.1. Nano Graphene Oxide in Vaccines, Masks.

Top Secret. Not for General Release.

November 11, 2019.

As you have probably heard, we have been given a mandate by (redacted) to reduce the population on Earth 90% by 2030 in order to prevent mass extinction from a now well understood cyclical event known as a (redacted) from ever taking place. After years of careful collaboration with both science and medical experts, we have determined that the most humane and efficient way to accomplish this mandate is via a worldwide (redacted). This will force anti globalist Nationalists leaders to cede power, via emergency power declarations, at which time we will take control of all power apparatus in every country of the world. We will then be able to easily proliferate our agenda over the next ten years, with little or no resistance.

Based on years of research and numerous Ai run computer simulations, we have determined that the best path forward, with the least resistance, requires that we fully incorporate all religious, educational, and media institutions into this operation, without their knowledge, but with their tacit consent. We can accomplish this by having them coalesce under the color of ‘science.’

Accomplishing our objectives will not require the deployment of bioweapons per se or weapons of mass destruction during Phase 1. The key catalyst to the first phase of our plan will simply require the deployment of Graphene Oxide (GO) nano particles and 5g radiation. NOTE: This plan will discharge a greater toll on populated areas in first world countries vs rural areas and third world regions. Areas such as Africa will mostly be unaffected.


Deployment of Graphene Oxide into the general population of ‘1st world’ regions via:

Cheap generic plastic masks. Manufactured in China, these will be mandated in all public areas.
PCR test swabs. Those who refuse the vaccines will be required these tests on a regular basis.
Graphene Oxide nano particles in all of the mandated Covid-19 vaccines.

Graphene Oxide Toxicity causes:

  1. Thromboses
  2. Blood clots
  3. Disruption to the bodies immune system in lieu to a (redacted) immune system.
  4. Graphene Oxide helps disrupt the immune system by blocking glutathione production which impedes natural detoxification of heavy metals and a long list of known toxins. NOTE: Lockdowns will also impact natural Vitamin D production and cause stress which will also damage the immune system, both vital to our plan.
  5. Graphene Oxide passes through the blood-brain barrier and because it can be activated by 5g frequencies, it will also (redacted). NOTE: Graphene Oxide was already included as an adjuvant since the 2019 flu shots.

Conclusion: Graphene Oxide, 5g radiation, vaccines, lockdowns, and the resulting economic and physical stressors in 1st world regions will pave the way for Part 2 of our ten year plan by 2024. By getting the entire world to embrace science, even the Nationalists and religious zealots who blindly follow their leaders, current models do not anticipate Part 1 of being implemented with any significant violent resistance. As a result, a more divided two tier society will be created, and will thus pave the way for Part 2.

Disclaimer: Obtained via Remote Viewing, which science tells us is nonsense, so please disregard this as fiction.

On a side note, ozone oxidizes Graphene Oxide and in combination, can actually be useful at removing some toxic substances. (see research on O3 and GO) I believe this is why alt health practitioners are having success using ozone therapy on vaccine damaged people with red blood cell issues (chronic headaches, fatigue, low oxygen levels, etc) Ozone does the opposite of Graphene Oxide, it floods red blood cells with oxygen.

On the bright side, the elites will be able to negate the effects of V’s via ozone therapy. On the other hand, I fully expect ozone therapy and medical grade ozone generators to be illegal by 2026.

Solution to Red Blood Cells Losing their Ability to Carry Oxygen, Clot due to mRNA V’s?   Ozone therapy.

Solution to Red Blood Cells Losing their Ability to Carry Oxygen, Clot due to mRNA V’s? Ozone therapy.

So this doctor carried out several tests with a certain thing that starts with a V. (My hundreds of generic links from Google are being buried. I think it’s because of some recent V blog posts I’ve now deleted. I have to be more careful in the future on how I share info on this subject in a way that doesn’t penalize me financially, at least while I have young mouths to feed. ) Anyway, this doctor found that apparently, (he got the same results after several tests), the V causes red blood cells to lose their ability to carry oxygen. It also seems to cause red blood cells to clump together. (clot) What the actual hell is going on here, FDA?

One of the may reported ‘side effects’ of the V is fatigue and headaches. Another is low oxygen levels. Well. One of the benefits of ozone therapy is that it boosts the immune system and allows your red blood cells to become fully oxygenated. Also, ozone seems to ‘oxidize’ metals, especially nano metals. I wonder if that’s why it helps? Who knows 😉

Nuff said.

PS. In order to see nano particles, you need an electron microscope. They’re a little pricy, to say the least, and doctors don’t have access to electron microscopes. So disregard this doctors opinions on the ‘garbage’ in the vaccines. Believe me. Not one particle in those vaccines is ‘garbage.’ They’re all there by design. They all have a very specific reason to be there. (Do some research on nano technology. The future of medicine) Modern pharma manufacturing is mostly robotic/computer generated. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to put the future of my kids health in the hands of a compassionate medical professional that is probably a father himself rather than a soul-less Ai run computer that may see my son as a parasite to the future health of this planet and then proceeds to …. never mind. (Focus Mike! Stay on script!) Anyway. The doctor in this video makes it sound like low wage Mexicans are making V’s, lol. What a dumb position to take, given even someone as un-initiated in the medical profession as me knows that robots and not humans make these Franken-cines! Maybe he’s CIA controlled like A.J? Here is the proof to back my assertions:

Using robotics to manufacture drugs

Hanne: Stéphane, you’ve mentioned, you know, kind of the fast design of the V, and then you mentioned even robots printing medicines. Can we get your version of what that machine assembly line looks like?

Stéphane: So, the robotics farm we have in our factory is basically just an assembly of robots that get instruction coming directly from computers. There’s no human interaction. And basically, you start from a piece of DNA. That is basically your template. You put that in a reactor with water. There is no cell — it’s a cell-free manufacturing process, which is why it’s so fast. And you put enzymes. And basically, what the enzymes do, they attach to the DNA, and they read the DNA template. And they quickly tell pieces of nucleic acid — i.e, the zeros and ones, the four letters of life — they bind them next to each other to make an mRNA molecule. Then the robot goes to the next step, which is you add a cap. 

Hanne: Stéphane, you’ve mentioned, you know, kind of the fast design of the V, and then you mentioned even robots printing medicines. Can we get your version of what that machine assembly line looks like?

Stéphane: So, the robotics farm we have in our factory is basically just an assembly of robots that get instruction coming directly from computers. There’s no human interaction. And basically, you start from a piece of DNA. That is basically your template. You put that in a reactor with water. There is no cell — it’s a cell-free manufacturing process, which is why it’s so fast. And you put enzymes. And basically, what the enzymes do, they attach to the DNA, and they read the DNA template. And they quickly tell pieces of nucleic acid — i.e, the zeros and ones, the four letters of life — they bind them next to each other to make an mRNA molecule. Then the robot goes to the next step, which is you add a cap. “

So there it is. The so called ‘garbage’ in the V’s wasn’t introduced by ‘human error.’ And no. Computers and robots don’t make mistakes. They carry out commands. So my question is this. Who knowingly commanded that so-called garbage be injected into me, my kids, my friends, my fellow citizens, my fellow human beings? And why? And why haven’t humans stood up en mass, demanded answers?

We’re basically being told to STFU, trust us! And if we don’t, we then face financially ruin. Becoming a second-class citizen. The new terrorist/threat to National Security. Hated by those who bend a knee to the petty tyrants calling the shots. That pun reminds me of a joke. How do they say “FU” on Hollywood casting couches? “Come on honey. Trust me!”

Back to the main evidence, which is on point. Any doctor can replicate this doctors findings on the blood issues he raises. All you need is blood. A microscope. And some mRNA V. If you work at a university and have access to an electron microscope, on the other hand, you may want to take a gander at both the V and blood that’s been exposed the the V. Share your discoveries with the world. If enough professionals leak info or shed light on this issue, our kids just might have a future. If not? Well. The future of our children will be at the mercy of known criminals organizations. Soul-less, greedy, godless entities with only one agenda, to make money, even if it requires breaking the law or causing harm. And our Congress has their back! Keeps them out of prison or from doing time for the most part. We are being asked to allow these entities to modify our immune system? Really? Known criminal organizations with a long track record of criminal activity. A well established lust for money over doing what’s right that causes them to put profits over people or communities time and time again. And you want me to trust my kids future to them? F-off.

Download the compiled list of 685 Pharma criminal and civil convictions (A special thanks to James True for compiling that list) for the V manufacturers. These are only verdicts from an official court post-2000. Companies include AbbVie, Amgen, AstraZeneca, Bavarian Nordica, Biontech / Astellas Pharmaceuticals, Bristol Myers Squibb, Dynavax, Emergent, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Moderna / Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Purdue, Roche, Sanofi, Seqirus / Novartis, Takeda, and Teva.

Pharma Rap Sheet Summary

  • fraud … 77 cases … $ 28,681,828,000.00
  • False Claims … 281 cases … $ 26,788,783,298.00
  • health violation … 48 cases … $ 1,001,249.00
  • conspiracy … 2 cases … $ 8,356,000,000.00
  • kickbacks … 75 cases … $ 8,997,459,592.00
  • bribery … 53 cases … $ 4,520,386,940.00
  • violation … 447 cases … $ 14,498,161,508.00
  • falsification … 10 cases … $ 130,890,797.00
  • deficiencies … 23 cases … $ 353,580,000.00
  • consumer protection cases … 30 … $ 1,862,571,934.00
  • Corrupt … 27 cases … $ 2,321,769,998.00
  • sanction … 7 cases … $ 32,343,600.00
  • price-fixing … 35 cases … $ 1,111,065,084.00
  • anti-competitive … 32 cases … $ 1,049,366,534.00
  • safety … 94 cases … $ 5,496,792,018.00
  • felony … 3 cases … $ 8,633,000,000.00
  • criminal … 61 cases … $ 28,296,410,197.00
  • civil … 75 cases … $ 29,528,133,771.00

Would you invite someone with that rap sheet to dinner let alone trust them to inject code that alters your immune systems mRNA? Given their long history of greed and lawlessness, what are the odds that ends poorly for their consenting victims? And as a society, should we allow our elected officials to mandate that we take their poison, despite our objections, otherwise lose our right to participate in society?

Don’t worry. That will only happen in communist totalitarian counties like China. That will never happen here in the great, free US of A. We’re free to do what we want to with our bodies, that’s what the abortion proponents always say, right? And we can’t be bullied or coerced into doing something that we don’t want to do to our bodies, like get a tattoo or chip implant. Inject poison or an experimental drug. Let alone do something that is well known can harm our health or may even kill us. (this V has killed over 10K already) Something that has no long term studies to prove it’s safe over the long haul. And for sure, they can’t make me take something that causes oxygen uptake issues, blood clotting, low oxygen levels, etc. Everyone know that cancer thrives with low oxygen levels.

Let me end this on a positive note. Many alt health doctors are successfully treating V injured people or people with red blood cell or clotting issues with ozone therapy. Not surprising (to me) they’re finding it reverses those conditions. (amazing what flooding the body with oxygen and stimulating your stem cells can do!) So all hope is not lost. I feel the powers that be will make ozone generators illegal someday however. Remember NAC? It was over the counter until double blind studies found it cured coronavirus infections and the flu in general. The FDA argued since it was clinically proven to ‘cure’ something, it was a drug. So they pulled it from Amazon and the shelves. Now you can only get it from a doctor. Well. Study after study is finding that ozone therapy cures a myriad of diseases. It’s only a matter of time before you can no longer buy a medical grade ozone generator like the one we sell and treat yourself to ozone therapy in the comfort of your own home. For that reason, I’m going establish a network of tent ozone therapy home businesses (in the works) where I’ll send my customers (distributors) free residual ozone therapy business their way. More on that in my next post.

Why not? Necessity is the mother of invention, after all. #winning

15,000 mgh Commercial Ozone Generator Now Available

15,000 mgh Commercial Ozone Generator Now Available

15g ozone generator
Forever Ozone 15G Commercial Ozone Generator

Ask. And ye shall receive. We asked the universe to find a stainless steel case for our awesome next-gen 15g quartz tube ozone modules and VIOLA! A factory reached out to us and made us a deal we couldn’t refuse and the rest is history.

Nothing says ‘Forever’ with an ozone generator like stainless steel. Most ozone generators sold on Amazon are painted steel. And in China, the paint used on ozone generators contains lead. (don’t take my word for it, take a chip off any ozone generator sold an Amazon and test the paint for lead.) Adding lead to the pain does make the paint more ozone resistant by the way. The reason they use leaded paint. Back to my point about the case for most ozone generators. When the pain chips off, the exposed steel quickly rusts, and worse of all, the screws (often non stainless steel) rust and are impossible to remove. I learned this 12 years ago which prompted me to create Forever Ozone and our original ‘bare bones’ ozone generators. Over half of the Chinese made ozone generators I sold 12 years ago quit working within a year when used regularly. Why? The ozone was rusting the thin pieces of copper in the wire harnesses, timers and sometimes the on-off switch. Worse of all, when I’d get the unit back to investigate what was going on, I wouldn’t be able to remove the case because all of the screws had become rusted and fused with the now rusted steel case. What a disaster! And very frustrating I recall. I had to destroy the case to get inside. Once inside, I discovered the transformer was fine. Virtually none of the transformers would crap out. Sometimes the plate would crap out before the transformer in high humidity areas, but usually it was the ozone had destroyed the wire harness, timer, or on off switch, causing the unit to fail to fire up.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and that was certainly the case here. I went on to design a bare bones unit that shipped in a flat rate USPS box (to save money on shipping) and the rest was history.

Fast forward to 2021. We’ve now ditched the ozone plate ozone modules for a ‘forever’ module that features a quartz (glass) ozone tube with stainless steel mesh. We have two. A 10g/h model and a 15g/h model. The 10g/h model fits inside of a 5″x5″ PVC enclosure but the 15g/h module is too big. Won’t fit. So we had to find a larger case. We couldn’t find one, but one found us! Now all that was left was the design. We designed this unit commercial unit without an exposed copper wire junction box (connects the power cord to the timer, transformer) and without an internal timer. The on-off switch is self contained and doesn’t have any parts that the ozone can destroy. Thus, we can offer a lifetime warranty with this commercial unit.

This unit comes standard with an external 30 minute interval timer. You can also opt to upgrade the timer to a repeat cycle timer, cell phone app smart plug, or wireless on-off outlet for $8 more.

If you operate an ozone business. Forget having to send your ozone generators in every year for an expensive service, or having to replace your machines every few years! If the transformer or stainless steel quartz tube module ever fails, just send it in for a free replacement! They’re easy to switch out. We design our units with the ‘keep it simple’ axiom in mind, so there’s only two wires that need to be cut and spliced to replace the ozone module. This saves both of us on shipping costs.

We will have a limited supply of these units in stock until November (4 per week). After that, we’ll keep 40-80 in stock at all times.

Thanks for looking, and if you have any questions, give Mike a call at 619-361-5195. Thanks for considering Forever Ozone, God Bless, and take care.

P.S. Yes, we ship this ozone generator to California!

Does an Ozone Shock Treatment Kill Surface Viruses? US Army Says Yes.

Does an Ozone Shock Treatment Kill Surface Viruses? US Army Says Yes.

If you search “Forever Ozone” in the search engines undoubtedly you seen that nasty letter the FTC sent me last March at the beginning of this planned takedown of our our old way of life and our freedoms for simply linking to a new article from a Spanish hospital in Ibiza which claimed that their 10 pass ozone therapy was being used successfully to prevent Covid deaths. Before they started using ozone treatments on critical patients, they were losing 10 people a day. After that, they didn’t lose one person. They didn’t call it a cure but they suggested that ozone therapy for Covid patients should be further investigated. My provocative Blog post asking if ozone therapy was a cure for Covid drew a swift response by our government, and I had 48 hours to remove the post or have the Feds take down my website and put me out of business, even lock me up.

When the US gov asks you to jump. You don’t say no. You ask how high if you know what’s good for you. I’m not stupid. I have no illusions. I know that you can’t beat a world gov on a mission to achieve a planned end. However. As one who likes to share the truth regardless of the consequence, here I go again. Pushing the envelope. But this time, I have an ally in the US Army. You see, their own study found that an ozone shock treatment kills surface Covid! Their words, not mine. Here’s their Pfg on this subject (click here)

Of course they list the studies from the FDA in their literature that suggest ozone is bad for breathing (true) and that it’s dangerous if not used correctly (also true) I agree with all of those statements. However, nobody is suggesting you breath the ozone from the commercial machines I sell! They’re used to DISINFECT AND SANTIZE UNOCCUPIED AREAS! And yes, ozone kills surface viruses and bacteria. This has been known FOR MANY YEARS VIA MANY STUDIES!

As is with everything, there is a right and wrong way to do something. It is true that some sellers of ozone generators wrongly suggest running their ozone generators for 12-24 hours at a time. They sell ozone plate technology that gets hot and stops producing pure ozone after a few minutes. The right way is to do SHORT HIGH CONCENTRATION ozone shock treatments that don’t give the ozone time to interact with the many different substrates found inside a structure (and reach the flash point where they break them down and potentially create harmful byproducts.) Studies suggest that takes many hours. Solution. DO SHORT OZONE SHOCK TREATMENTS!

The Forever Ozone Shock Treatment Protocol we developed over the years, via trial and error, does the job of killing ‘the bad guys” without interacting with your indoor belongings! Basically, we have our machines run for 30 minutes on, one hour off. The ozone will break down into oxygen after about 40 minutes then the process of shocking can continue if needed, but for ridding an area of surface viruses and bacteria, 30 minutes with 10,000 mg/h per 1000 square feet is more than enough. It is my opinion that this should be done on a nightly basis in all schools. All offices. All businesses. And weekly in all residences. Schools especially! Studies conducted in the early 1900’s found that schools that did nightly ozone shock treatments had vastly fewer sick days for students and teachers than schools that did not do night ozone shock treatments. The reason? Mold. The mold was making people sick in the un-ozonated schools. As a bonus, they found the better air quality lead to higher test scores in the ozonated schools. Imagine that! Talk about win-win. Why doesn’t every school district know this and call us to get our ozone machines from me at price to help their kids? I’d love to help. But all I get is pushback from our gov. Wonder why?

(Here is the write-up I found in a local newspaper about ozone in St Louis schools. On page 340.) I quote:

Ozone in the St. Louis Schools.-

After preliminary studies and tests made on a number of persons with ozone concentration many times that for ventilation, ozone machines have been installed in the air ducts of a number of the school buildings of St. Louis. The first machine was installed in the O’Fallon School in 1919. The effects on the comfort and health of teachers and pupils were so marked that in the summer of 1920 ozone machines were installed in thirteen old schools and put in the specifications of three new ones. In most instances the principals and teachers were not apprised of the change in the ventilation, in order that psychology might not figure in the results. The most beneficial results were noticeable in a few weeks. Teachers volunteered the information that pale and anemic children had gained in weight and that the new ventilation relieved the fatigue of the day’s work.

Hundreds of visitors have visited the schools where this ventilation has been installed. To those who are not fully convinced of the
merits of ozone in ventilation, an invitation is extended to visit the schools of St. Louis and make such tests as may seem desirable
where the facilities for such are so large.

Jour. Am. Soc. of Heat.-Vent. Engineers, January, 1922.

10,000 mgh “All in One” Ozonator now available

10,000 mgh “All in One” Ozonator now available

10,000 mgh all in one ozone generator
10,000 mgh all in one ozone generator

I’ve been testing 10g ozone tubes out for a few months. I kissed a few frogs before I found a keeper! So I took the plunge and decided to invest in a nice stainless steel box to house this unit and viola! We now have the only “all in one’ ozone generator on the market with a lifetime warranty from a USA vendor! Best of all, you won’t have to pay an over inflated price.

Others have tried to market all in one units that feature both a water ozone tube and an ozone plate, but they don’t work. Why? The ozone from the air unit will destroy the rubber diaphragm in the air pump used to bubble ozone into water or oil. The only solution was to find a 10g quartz tube with a big enough heat sink to keep it cool and with thick enough wires to stand the test of time, since we offer a lifetime warranty and all. We decided to make it so that it works with oxygen or air as well, since some of our customers already own an oxygen concentrator or tank. But 10 grams of ozone without an oxygen source is still stronger than an oxygen fed 2000 mgh ozonator, which cost over $2000 at Longevity. So this is a great value at $600.

We’re offering $100 off the retail price to Seniors, Vets, people in the medial establishment, teachers, and to our past customers. Just call in your order or contact us after you purchase online with proof you’re one of those things and we’ll give you $100 off your purchase price. And unless you live in Wyoming, you don’t have to pay sales tax. I hate how Amazon charges 8-10% tax to their orders. That’s $60 on a $600 item! With us, you get free shipping and no tax.

How do you perform air ozone shock treatments with this unit? Simple. Place it in the bathroom, crack the window to let in fresh air, and place a towel under the door to prevent the ozone from getting into the room you’re using to stage the machine for an air ozone shock treatment. Snake the silicone tube to a fan sitting on the other side of the door tilted to shoot the ozone up towards the roof. Since ozone is heavier than air, this works best. If you have ceiling fans, turn them on. If you have an HVAC system, turn it on. You’ll want to make sure you close the vent to the bathroom to prevent the ozone if that’s the case. If you have an attic or garage to stage the unit, that’s not an issue.

The ozone that comes from this unit is the over 100 ppm. It only takes 2-5 ppm to kill surface viruses, 100ppm at 10 liters per minute will fill a 1000 foot area with over 5ppm within 30 minutes. We recommend a 30 minute shock for structures up to 1000 sq feet and 15 minutes for cars. For bedrooms, you can go 20 minutes. It doesn’t take long with an ozone concentration that high. When it’s hot, I’m playing around with a concept that ensures ultra high ozone production that basically utilizes a mini fridge as the staging area. If you’re willing to destroy your mini fridge (I paid about $80 at Walmart, no biggie) you can create even higher ozone concentrations by feeding the tube dry cold air. This is especially helpful if you ozonate oil (takes 4 hours). I just drilled a small hole into the side of the fridge, touched it up with some silicone, and viola! A Forever Ozone innovation to higher ozone concentrations that is simple but highly effective. Free to the general public. How I like to roll with my inventions.

Ozone has 101 uses, and this machine will let you touch all of them. From keeping your washing machine mold and bacteria free to performing life saving ozone therapy (this machine is like a doctor in a box) or making the best skin tonic known to man by ozonating oil, this machine does it all. And if you don’t want to be bothered by mites, ha! This machine will get rid of mites like no other, given the fact you’ll be able to attack them on all fronts.

Thanks again to all our happy past customers to continue to allow us to operate without having to advertise which in turn helps us keep our cost of goods as low as possible. God bless you and your families as we fight to maintain our health, freedoms, and sovereignty from a nefarious world government. (Yeah, I said it, lol. Sorry Bezos)