New Product: 15,000 MGH Medical Grade Ozonator.

The Forever Ozone 15g Medical Ozonator is the highest-end medical-grade ozonator on the market. The reason the price isn’t in the thousands of dollars is that you’re buying factory-direct. It should be used with an oxygen concentrator. We sell a good one for $399.

This new unit features the latest quartz tube technology and the ‘bells and whistles’ found in more expensive units. A voltage and flow meter as well as an optional air pump with an on-off switch. We also have something you won’t get elsewhere. US made glass bubblers that feature a lifetime warranty and US-made food-grade silicone tubing. The cheap stuff coming from you know where breaks down quickly and adds impurities to the water or oil, defeating the purpose of ozone in the first place. Breaking down and removing harmful substances.

We include 10 feet of US Food Grade silicone tubing and two silica (white) glass bubblers also made in the USA, 100% ozone resistant (unlike fish aquarium bubblers that add impurities to the water because the ozone breaks them down). These bubblers have a lifetime warranty and will not break down over time or add impurities to the water. You see we actually care about your health, not just making money. The main difference between us and Amazon, etc.

Shipping takes 2-4 days and is included in the $649.99 price. We’re not Amazon or eBay so you won’t have to pay tax either. (We don’t do enough sales nationwide, which is a good thing for you. Saves you 7-10%)

15g medical grade ozonator
15g medical grade ozonator