New Website Format: Please leave reviews – ask questions.

This new Forever Ozone website format lends itself for much better customer participation. We feel this is the best way for our company to preach the virtues of ozone moving forward. By giving our customers a platform to share their experiences with our ozone generators with the general public, we feel we can continue to reach more people without having to spend money on expensive advertising campaigns. After all, paid ads aren’t exactly known for their objective impartiality, lol.

So if you own one of our machines, Won’t you join us in this new venture and create a new account so that you can post reviews and join our community? We’d really appreciate it.

We have over 25,000 past customers over the past 9 years. People move, change phone numbers, emails address, etc so we don’t store that type of info. We don’t spam our customers. All we retain is your name and order info from our end. When you call, we can look up your order but we don’t know where you live, your phone number or your email address. We don’t need or care about those things. If you order something, we’ll get that info so no need to store it. The reason why you want to create a new account is that you’ll be part of the WordPress family. You’ll be able to comment on millions of blogs worldwide. Most importantly, you’ll be able to help us better explain how ozone works for our future customers.

It really is us against the International Corporate world. We need to rally together and share information, and this new Forever Ozone website format will help us do just that!

27 thoughts on “New Website Format: Please leave reviews – ask questions.

  1. Hi Mike, Tried logging into your new website but wasn’t recognized. Re-registered and was promised an email with a password but none arrived. Now logged in but my account information and past orders are gone. Unclear how best to proceed? Please advise, thanks, philip
    P.S. would like to ask if you offer 240 volt units but don’t find a way to? thanks, p

    1. Hi Phillip,

      We have all of your past order info in Quickbooks. We have over 20K past customers and decided it was best if we didn’t migrate those past order info on this website but instead keep all of that info on our secure computer that isn’t connected to the Internet. If you want info on any past order let me know. It’s still there.

      RE the 220V …yes, but only in 3500 mg/h. We tried 220v for these 10g plates and they were arching for some reason, maybe too much juice, so we’ll only offer the new type of transformer for the 10g plates.

      1. Thanks Mike, How do I place an order for the 3500mg/h / 220V unit(s)? I don’t see them offered on the website. Please include pricing information
        Happy Thanksgiving! p

        1. Email us. We only have 40 something so they’re not going on the website. Price is $29.99 which includes the ozone plate and power cord, free shipping in the USA.

          1. I just popped back in to your website after advising somebody of its existence to check and see what’s changed and I was reading through here. you know you might want to consider just carrying a 220v to 110v step down transformer so that any of your equipment can be used on 220v. it’s much much easier to step down than to step up. just a thought don’t have any recommendations on the type of transformer to use because I’m not a 220 V guy but I am an electronics guy

          2. We do have a 220V transformer. People call us all the time and we sell them. Only have 36 left so don’t advertise them though.

            We will carry more in the future, and advertise them.

    2. What units are available for smaller areas such as campers and vehicles? Trying to get rid of mites.

        1. How long will it take the 3500mg/h machine to reach 6ppm of ozone in a typical family size car taking into account 50-60% humidity, and the half life of ozone?

          1. Quickly, within 4 minutes. That’s all the time it takes to convert all the o2 into 03. For best results, prop up on a box-carton-crate and also run the AC on exhaust to
            bring in fresh air.

  2. Our living room ceiling is about 20′ and we have a balcony that overlooks the livingroom where we could place the 12″ fan unit, was wondering if we need the 20″ fan or will the 12″ 20,000 unit suffice? Thanks

  3. Hey Mike! First off, I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your sage guidance in this (new-to-me) arena. Your advice on ridding second-hand smoke for my daughter’s household goods worked like a champ! 30 minutes on, ventilate 60 minutes. I was surprised that it only took 3 cycles to completely eliminate the disgusting smell! This weekend, I’ll be hauling the equipment to her rental home in AZ for a whole-house treatment. Looking forward to a similar success!

    Thanks again, Mike!

  4. Hey Mike! Thanks so much for your help on the phone today! You mentioned it may be wise to upgrade my Foreverzone 500mg/hr Ozonator to amore powerful unit. I thought asking here would be a great opportunity for others to learn about the value of upgrading as well. Thanks Again!

    1. Hi Erin. We spoke of ozone sauna. The 1000 mg/h unit has a fan so it can safely be run for 30 minutes, and hour, 4 hours for oil. The 500 unit doesn’t have a fan, so it’s only good for water really. To splurge you can add an oxygen concentrator.

        1. We quit selling the Enaly. Our 1000 mg/h is 2 times more powerful and has a fan. The Enaly doesn’t have a fan so you can’t use it for
          oil. Heat destorys ozone, reason why.

  5. Mike – read the blog but don’t understand what you meant by ‘shock’ treatment.

    1. Ozone is an oxidizer (oxygen-based) Just as you shock pool water with an oxidizer, you can shock, the air. Just like a pool, (don’t swim during shock treatment) you are not
      present during the ozone shock treatment (only done in unoccupied areas)

  6. Hi Mike,

    I just received my order of 30,000 mg/h unit and wandering house to best use.

    My daughter just bought a house and just moved in but the previous owners were smokers. The house is single storey, 3-bedroom 2-bath 1,600 sq-ft house.

    Should I put the ozone generator and run it for each room. which means I will have to set timer for maybe 30 minutes (is this enough) for each room then wait an hour, move to another room and repeat for each room…

    They have central AC. Can I put in maybe in the family/kitchen room, put the ac fan in ‘ON’ to circulate air to all the rooms and then run maybe 4-8 hours (is this enough)? Will this work or doing it for every room is better? They have 2 cats and have to leave it out somewhere and so it might not be convenient to experiment and if one does not work, try the other method.



    1. Put it in the main living area and run it for 1 hour, then air out the house by opening the windows. And yes, run the HVAC on low (colder better) Honestly, a 15-30 minute shock treatment is all it takes to sanitize all surfaces, kill mites, kill any
      airborne molds, viruses, bacteria, mites, etc. Later, if you want to go back and do room by room, that’s fine, but only 30 minutes max run time, then let the ozone linger for another 40 minutes before it turns back into oxygen. Then air it out with fresh air. That’s the right protocol to kill all surface micro pathogens and even break down VOC’s.

  7. Hi Mike,

    Will 1 hour in main living also remove the cigarette smell the main living room and all rooms with the central AC turned on?



    1. One hour will break down the smoke chemicals on the surface. Heat will cause more to come out later, but you can knock that out again with a
      one hour shock treatment. Just remember, breaking down 2nd hand smoke chemicals creates tiny particles that are harmful to breathe! Follow our
      professional instructions and air the area out by opening all windows and having a fan blow outwards from the lowest window.

  8. Hi Mike,

    My wife cooked bacon last Saturday and decided to try if the ozone generator could remove the smell. It did. It works. The only problem I had was when I came back, found one of the ozone plates fell and broke. I ordered a replacement today. I plan to secure those ozone plates with the nylon zip ties. I just don’t know how hot those ozone plates get and don’t know if zip ties like the ones supplied will be able to secure them without melting.

    I also noticed that after and 1.5 hours being off, there is still some trace smell of zone left. Is that okay to be in the house with a little smell of ozone? Do I need to open the windows and get out of the house and wait. I have 2 whole house fans with a capacity of more than 4,500 cfm. I had that running when I got back and that removed a lot of the smell quickly but you would have still some ozone smell in some part of the house. Is a slight trace of zone smell safe?



    1. Don’t secure the ozone plate with a zip tie. It may melt the zip tie and ruin the plate. Instead, put a dab of silicone between the ozone plate and the base. Or wrap some duct tape around the union.

      With high ppm (which our machines make) you only need to run them for 15-30 minutes max to get rid of odors. Then, open all windows and put a fan in one of the windows blowing out to create a negative pressure that will draw fresh air in from the other windows and push all of the ozonated air out. The ozone smell (bleach) goes away after a few days naturally. Caused by overdoing it. Give 15 min a try next time, you’ll see it works and doesn’t leave ozone smell that lingers for a day or two.

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