Most Everything Now In Stock.

Except for 5 and 7g ceramic ozone plates (for machines we sold over 5 years ago), everything is now in stock. That includes the insufflation machines and parts.

For now on, we’ll only sell what we have in stock. No more drop shipping from the manufacturer. If you order from us, you will get your machine within 5 days (Standard Free Shipping) or within 2 days if you opt for USPS Priority Mail shipping. Just check the “in stock” information at the bottom of each page. And yes, for the 1000th time. We can and will ship to California! And we don’t charge CA tax. Reason. We do under $50,000 in sales in California, so we don’t have to collect taxes for California. That saves you 10% off you’ll pay over at Amazon right there.

You won’t find our quartz tube products for the air elsewhere. You won’t fine a better deal elsewhere. And you won’t find someone else who answers phone calls and offers free professional advice elsewhere. So pat yourself on the back! You’ve found the best place to buy ozone equipment. Congrats!

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