New Ozone Insufflation Products

We now stock all of the different bag and parts needed for ozone Insufflations. We’ve been selling a kit for a while but decided to sell the machine ‘stand alone’ as well as the products.

Being able to treat yourself with ozone therapy will is a godsend. Due to our litigious society. And the high cost of medical insurance. Ozone therapy costs more (for one visit) than buying the equipment and doing it yourself. We do recommend paying a visit however to an ozone doctor to learn how to do insufflations under their watch and care. Once you get the hang of it. It’s simple. We will also provide our customers with videos and free consultations on how to best use the equipment they purchase.

You’ll find our new products by moving your mouse over “Products” then choosing the ‘Medical Ozone Therapy Products” drop down menu and choosing from among the different products, from the stand alone Ozone insufflation machine to the large ozone limb bag. We have several different types of insufflation machines on order and so check back often to view our offerings.

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