Ozone Generators Compared

I spoke with a nice gentleman today, the owner of an ozone business in St Thomas Virgin Islands. He was telling me of his frustration with his Chinese transformer ozone generator bought from a guy he called “Charles.” He said his ozone ‘cannon’ arrived with 2 out of 5 defective transformers. He immediately called Charles, expecting him to make things right. Instead, he was told that his machine was tested to work before it left the ‘factory’ so he was shit out of luck. It was the carriers’ fault, call and bother them. He bought one of my 50K machines and I offered to throw in two free Chinese transformers at cost ($16), the kind in his unit. The kind with the ‘hot’ high voltage red wires that are glued to the ozone plate, making them effectively disposable. I have 20 of those I bought to test. All of the tested samples caught on fire if the fan quit blowing. All failed within a month if used over 12 hours a day. (Terrible invention – a knock off of my transformer my invention)

Those ‘hot’ high voltage red wires on the Chinese ‘double stacked” transformers, if those wires come undone (with high heat) can touch the side of the box. That poses a shock and fire hazard. Most of the cheap ozone generators sold on Amazon feature these disposable transformers. (buyers, beware). Out transformer has a lifetime warranty and was designed to last 10 or more years, even with daily use. (If connected to a fan and run in the manner we recommend, on 30 off 30 for as long as you want.) A 15-30 minute shock treatment is all you need to kill mold, viruses, bacteria, mites, etc at the concentrations our ozone generators create.

Forever Ozone has been in business for over 10 years, and we’re not in this to make money. Real Estate, other investments are how I make money. I got into this business for health and safety reasons. I knew that we live in ‘end times’ and wars, (burning plastic) civil unrest, pandemics (manmade or otherwise) were coming. I knew that owing ozone would represent the blood above the doorway to ward off the angel of death. I know our gov is part of a world order that has a depopulation agenda. I’m not happy about this. (Wrote a book about it in case you’re interested in this type of thing. If you want a signed copy, just let me know. I sell the hard copies for $10 to my customers and friends.) But I created our ozone generators to last, and to be highly effective. If your ozone transformer ever craps out, we’ll replace it for free, gladly! We want you to have ozone! Ozone kills the ‘bad guys” that can kill us. If you choose Forever Ozone, you are supporting a USA company that cares about your health. If you buy products with poorly designed cheap Chinese transformers? Good luck.

Chinese ozone transformer 10,000 mgh

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