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I’ve been praying and seeking guidance from my Creator on how to make ozone therapy 100 times more available to the masses. I was given a solution. Let’s see if this idea is heaven sent or wishful thinking. I believe it will prove to be the later.

Many doctors perform different types of ozone therapy with great results 10 Pass (taking blood out ten times, ozonating it, and putting it back) is most powerful way of flooding the body with ozone. Study after study has proven it’s both highly effective and super safe. (No side effects whatsoever).

Doctors who perform ‘ozone therapy’ can’t tout it as a ‘cure’ for any disease, even though the science suggests otherwise. It takes hundreds of millions of dollars to prove a cure. The process set-up that regulates and monitors any ‘cure’ claims was set-up by the Rockefeller big Pharma medical industry and is cost prohibitive to non-patentable medical solutions like ozone. Where there is a will however, there is a way.

Here is the basic vision of mine behind my quest to make ozone therapy great and accessible for everyone. 1) Put together a low cost package that includes everything needed to perform ozone therapy without the need of blood draws which does require a medical license and is subject to a slew of regulations. (Why it is expensive. $600 to $800 per treatment, and multiple treatments are necessary to treat most conditions.) 2) Create a flagship location to test the concept out. 3) Market this Package deal on the popular alt health Mike Adams show. 4) Introduce proprietary protocols and products not available elsewhere. 5) Help drive business to the folks who buy this package deal.

People who buy our ‘Ozone Therapy Package will receive all of the ozone therapy equipment they need to perform ozone therapy for themselves, their family, friends, and community (for profit) if they so desire. There will also bet some perks. A free link from our popular website. 10% off any re-sells of any of our products to their customers. Ozone therapy products like bags and catheters at cost. If they want to offer their services beyond that, they’ll have to check local, State, and Federal laws etc. We’re not set-up to provide that type of assistance (legal or tax help). We can’t get involved in the legalities of operating your ozone therapy business in their jurisdiction or counsel them on how to market their services. I know that in my jurisdiction, we don’t have to get any special license to perform this type of spa service as long as we don’t tout it as a cure or treatment for any disease. If we do that, then we’d be practicing medicine, and that would be against the law. However, since ozone isn’t recognized as medicine in the USA, we can offer this holistic alternative therapy within our ‘circle’ out there in rural Arkansas without any problems. If you live in a liberal run big city, you might have some issues. But here in Gods country, we’re under a different type of law. I’ll let you know how it goes and make some videos in the future. My intuition tells me that this much needed service will be well received in areas not down with the globalist world government agenda.

So on to the details. What do you get for $1369? 1) A medical grade ozone therapy machine for $300 (see below) that can be used for insufflations and limb bagging. Our 10g medical grade ozonator that can be used to make highly ozonated oil and be used to perform ultra high ozone concentration ozone saunas. An ozone steam sauna tent. A limb (leg) insufflation bag. Insufflation catheters. Our American made glass bubblers that don’t put impurities into the water or oil. And instruction on how to perform our proprietary processes for the ozone tent sauna as well as creating highly potent ozonated oils.

Forever Ozone Medical Grade Insufflation Ozonator

For insufflations, a low output ozonator utilizing German technology that features cold corona quartz tube technology is best. Medical grade ozone generators used for insufflations also have an ‘ozone destruct’ feature that comes in handy in dental and doctors offices, so that machine has that feature as well. One could utilize this for blood work, but that’s outside of the scope of what we’re trying to accomplish here. Our goal is to offer low-cost alternative to ozone therapy, not join the high end fray.

If you want to perform ozone therapy for yourself, your family, and your friends in the comfort of your own home (in a spare bedroom or out on the back deck for instance), nobody is going to stop you! If you also want to provide this service to your extended acquaintances (work and church associates for instance) at a low cost, say $40 for 40-minute session, we’ll teach you how to do that in a manner that doesn’t step on any toes. (Basically, creating a private association.) As long as you don’t advertise a cure or treatment for any disease, you’re good. I have a hunch word will get out without advertising plus we’ll be able to drive traffic your way. Both will be free to you which will allow you to keep your cost of goods down. This entire concept helps keep the cost of goods down. In no time, you’ll have the equipment paid off and you’ll be a heaven-sent service that helps keep everyone in your ‘circle’ healthy. Cost: Priceless!

We will require that everyone who purchases this package indemnify us at checkout (via our terms of service) for any ozone therapy related legal issues they may encounter. We know that ozone is safe, be we’re not going to purchase insurance to protect ourself from litigation. That just attracts litigation! Forever Ozone is set-up as an LLC. An LLC that doesn’t own any assets and doesn’t make any money. We sometimes operate at a negative, lol. All the money that is made goes to pay me and the people who work for Forever Ozone, not to the LLC’s bank account. The LLC isn’t rolling in money and has no assets. That’s our solution to keeping the sharks away (preventing litigation) so that we can keep our cost of goods and prices low.

So my vision is to have organizations. Churches. And large families (with hundreds of extended people) to sign up for our Ozone Therapy Package and be a blessing to their community all around the parts of the USA that are Gods country. (Definitely not DC, lol) You can’t put a price on ones health, and having this wellness tool at your disposal in these end times is something I feel inspired to say is something that will be a God-send to you and your community. (Click here to buy our ozone therapy package or to learn more) Check back often for updates on how this is going. (I’ll update this post from time to time)

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me anytime. Our office number here in Arkansas (9-5 CST) is 501-723-8207. My cell is 619-361-5195. And our 800 number is 888-898-8764. God Bless you and your family this Thanksgiving and Christmas season and here’s to taking ownership of our health for now on and firing the criminals in charge of our health system. Amen!

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