The Truth About Thanksgiving

Rush Limbaugh used to tell a story every Thanksgiving that exposed the truth about turkey holiday. He died recently, so to honor him I’m going to keep the torch lit on this “Rush” Thanksgiving tradition and share his version the true version of what really went down on the first Thanksgiving.

So as I recall Rush telling it, the first year was rough on the Pilgram’s. About one third died due to the harsh conditions and the lack of food. The problem was that the youth were charged with going out and gathering food via hunting, fishing, or gardening, and they were only 20% or so of the population. So they’d busted their butts to gather food for everyone only to end up with a tiny portion. Eventually, they’d just eat what they caught and that lead to one third dying the first year.

The person in charge of the colony knew he had to change things up the second year. Otherwise. He’d have the same result. Obviously. So he gave every family their own plot of land and told them that they could keep whatever they grew or caught on their land. Everyone would have to fend for themselves. No taxes. You catch it. It’s yours. Well. They had so much food at the end of the second year that they decided to share their bountiful harvest and good fortune with the Native tribes who kept their distance. (They couldn’t stand how the Europeans smelled and were hoping they’d fail, die, and go back to where they came from) This first exercise in free market economics and Capitalism came from necessity. Socialism wasn’t working. It took away the incentive to work. An inspired leader gave it back. The rest was the true history about our first Thanksgiving. So let’s all thank God for Capitalism and run all of the Socialist down to Venezuela! Amen


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