Solution to our Toxic World? Ozone!

Ozone for toxic overload

If you’re young, you need to ask someone about the “GOOD OLD DAYS”. This thing we call “progress,” is it progress or has this world gone crazy? The EWG conducted a study that found that babies these days are being developed in the presence of HIGH LEVELS OF TOXINS

Of the 287 chemicals we detected in umbilical cord blood, we know that 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause congenital disabilities or abnormal development in animal tests. 

The widespread use of chemicals and chemical coated substances are finding their way into our food, water, and bodies. Water is an essential element of life. Unfortunately, because of our highly pharma dependent society in the USA, our tap water is full of ESTROGEN, PHARMA DRUGS, AND TOXIC CHEMICALS. Worst of all, GMO’s and gene editing. Did you know ozone can help remove these things from tap water? (READ STUDY) If you drink tap water, ozonating it before consumption, especially in specific geographic areas, is well advised. Before you eat your food, you would be wise to ozonate it first. Ozone can remove pesticides and kill harmful micro-pathogens. If you have any illness, you’d be well advised to fast for a few weeks and drink plenty of ozonated water (and do ozone enemas) to help detoxify your system. (and then avoid all GMO’s and processed foods afterward) The healthiest diet is rich in “good fats” and very limited in carbs (sugar) based on everything I’ve researched and learned in my life. 

We live in a toxic world. Performing periodic detoxes, drinking clean, structured water, eating good food, getting plenty of sun, and exercise I believe is essential to maintaining good health. Ozone therapy, according to research, is a good way of stimulating your immune system so and helping in the detox process. Do your own research on ozone and as always, consult your doctor before you start any new health-related regimen.

Disclaimer: In the USA, the FDA has not approved ozone for medical use. If you have any questions about using ozone, please talk to your doctor or health professional. Ozone is not for breathing! Breathing high concentrations of ozone can harm your lungs (see EPA warning on ozone air purifiers) We do not sell ozone air purifiers. We only sell commercial ozone generators for use by Contractors (or homeowners acting as contractors) to ‘shock’ the air in unoccupied areas ONLY! Please use as directed for air shock treatments, and only if you feel you can competently follow instructions.

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