Study Finds Ozone therapy in COVID-19 works.

This is the most conclusive study I’ve found thus far that proves ozone therapy is not only effective in treating Covid-19, it has no side effects! (Something I believe no other treatment can say). Here is the conclusion of this study: (click here to view study)

“Conclusion: Systemic ozone therapy has several positive effects, such as control of inflammation, stimulation of immunity, low antiviral activity and protection from acute coronary syndromes and ischaemia reperfusion damage. This therapy could be a new method of immune therapy, so its use in combination with other antiviral drugs in COVID-19-positive patients may be justified, helpful and synergic. Ozone therapy carries no known adverse or toxic effects when performed properly. DIV is the easier route of administration, and its use has been hypothesized in the treatment of several pulmonary diseases, including theoretically SARS-CoV-2 infections.”

While technical, this explains how ozone helps boost the immune system and keep Covid-19 from shutting down your lungs:

“Ozone is a molecule that could perform antiviral action by interfering with the virus replication phase; this feature is linked to the ability of ozone to oxidize cysteine residues through the formation of “disulphide bridges” present in the structures of the virus itself in high quantities. Coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, are rich in cysteine, and these residues must be intact for viral activity. Ozone’s action consists of oxidation and inactivation of the specific viral receptors used for the creation of the bond structure of the cell membrane, therefore inhibiting the level of its first phase: cellular penetration. ACE2 receptors’ activity can be regulated and blocked through the control of Nrf2, an important nuclear message transductor. Ozone acts directly on Nrf2, and it could be an important physiological mechanism to block endogenous COVID-19 replication by preventing contact with SARS-CoV-2 receptors. Moreover, the activation of Nrf2 leads to a reduction of iron overload and the subsequent oxidative stress induced by elevated ferritine; thus, this ozone activity protects from apoptosis induced by oxidative stress. NLRP3 inflammasome, a cytosolic complex responsible for the production of IL-1β and IL-18, plays a crucial role at the beginning of and during inflammation in various diseases, including viral infections such as COVID-19. Ozone shows its anti-inflammatory activity through the modulation of the NLRP3 inflammasome. Therefore, it could protect from acute coronary syndromes and ischaemia reperfusion damage that occurs in the lungs of patients affected by COVID-19, attenuating NLRP3-mediated inflammation, enhancing the antioxidant activity of Nrf2 and inhibiting apoptosis.”

I think this will be my last article on ozone therapy to treat Covid. I think I’ve proven the case for ozone therapy. Every day, more research is concluding its effectiveness at boosting the immune system and fighting viral and lung infections. I will add to these past few posts with new research as it comes to light.

I’ve always felt that o3 was a “God molecule” because of it’s ability to kill the ‘bad guys’ that rob us of good health. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and ozone is natures cleaner, and without the formation of ozone in our atmosphere to remove air pollution (after volcanic eruptions, forest fires, man made pollution), we’d all die. But the combination of sunlight and pollution causes oxygen (o2) to split, and the o1 to join forces with o2 in creating o3; this remarkable molecule. Activated or super oxygen is then Johnny on the spot to save the day to break down the pollution! Instead of thanking God for ozone, the powers that be call it pollution. A toxic gas. (Inversion 101, evil calling good evil) Why? My guess is to draw attention away from the tax paying, powerful industries that pollute. Calling natures cleaner pollution is a genius way to take the heat off the powerful industries that pollute!

US history has a lot of examples of propaganda being used to convince the population that poison is good for us because of some type of “National Security” issue. The biggest case of medical malpractice in my opinion is the introduction of rat poison (fluoride) into our public water systems under the guise of promoting teeth health. They pulled off that scam because when we developed nuclear weapons (production of atomic weapons creates mountains of fluoride) National Security dictated that we find a way to quickly dispose of all of that toxic rat poison (that’s what fluoride was used for before, and still used for today) that building ‘the bomb’ created. The high degree Freemasons that run our government put fellow 33 degree Freemason Andrew Melon in as head of Health and Human Services in order to pull off this great public health scam. You see Melon owned Alcoa Aluminum. So happens the production of Aluminum also creates tons of fluoride! Moreover, it’s very costly to properly dispose of fluoride. They knew they could count on fellow traveling man Melon to pull off this ‘greatest health scam of the century’. Not only would he no longer have to pay to dispose of his toxic waste, he’d get paid to dump it into the water! And he’d help America build the bomb.

So how did he pull this off? Melon hired a scientist to prove that fluoride kills the bacteria that causes cavities, and it does. It’s very toxic after all! That scientist then theorized that if we put it in water, we could improve public health by promoting strong cavity free teeth. No studies were done. They just started putting fluoride into our public water systems one by one. The result. Less cavities over x amount of years, so they claimed. (Who really knows, given they were running a scam) That’s all it took to start that disastrous program which has lead to countless cancer deaths and disease, especially preventable childhood cancers. Living in an area that adds fluoride to the water has been proven to lead to lower IQ test scores among children. Believe it or not, the Nazi’s put fluoride in the water of their concentration camps because of it’s known neurological effects (makes one more passive, less aggressive, dumbed down). America is one of the only countries in the world that still dumps rat poison (fluoride) into its public water systems. Even China stopped the practice after they studied the negative health effects fluoride has on children over a decade. (10 times higher childhood cancers) So China stopped poisoning their people with fluoride many years ago. Most countries followed suit. Fluoride Alert is a great website to learn about this ‘hush-hush’ subject you’ll never hear our education system, Hollywood or the MSM talk about.

As with Fluoride, which I think time has proven without a doubt causes childhood cancers and lower IQ, not to mention destroys the teeth, our beloved government you would think would have our best interest in mind seems to care more about “National Security” and globalist issues. You can go your entire lifetime and not hear a peep about the dangers of fluoride unless you stumble across a website like mine that is not scared telling the truth, come what may. So given this fact, should it surprise us that the Nazi’s who apparently are still large and in charge of our government call ozone bad but fluoride and vaccines good? LOL. The only good thing I can say about our country is that we are still free to voice our opinions without facing immediate repercussions like in more totalitarian regimes. Many people have died to give us those freedoms we’re slowly losing today, but in the final analysis, it’s up to us to stay true to what we believe. Regardless of the consequences. We owe at least doing that to all those who have come before us and fought, even died defending the freedoms we take for granted today which can cease to exist any day, the way things are going. Until then, speak your truth without fear, and do what you know is right, regardless of the consequences.

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