New High Output Ozone Shock Machine Now Available.

30g ozone tubes / dark

I loved the $189 15g Stainless Steel machine we recently ran out of, but I decided not to re-stock that item. Why? Our 10g machine is more than enough for rooms up to 1000 sq ft and the 15g unit wasn’t strong to do an entire house. The best way to do an ozone shock treatment is by spreading machines throughout the space. Ozone generators convert air into ozone. Machines that tout 60 to 80 grams of ozone production can’t produce that much ozone because there isn’t enough oxygen in the area where you place said machine to create that much ozone in one hour! The oxygen in the immediate area will be depleted and the rooms on the other side of the house will remain oxygen rich and ozone deficient. So the best way to shock a house is to place one strong ozone generator near the air return, one in the master bedroom, and one in the main living area. If the house is 2000-3000 sq feet, the best way to accomplish this is with our new 30,000 mgh ‘bare bones’ ozone generator and one or two of our 10g ozone generators. That’s what a professional remediation company would use to shock treat your home and make sure you achieved a high parts per million concentration of ozone that will do the job right the first time.

This new 30g unit is solid. It sits on a 1/4 inch thick piece of plexiglass that’s 11×11 inches. I chose that dimension because it fits perfectly in a 11.5×11.5 mailing box from USPS. I can place a thick piece of cardboard or a 1′ thick piece of foam on top to ensure it doesn’t get damaged in shipping. Unlike the 10g tubes which are 1/8″ thick, the 15g tubes are 3/8″ thick quartz. As long as you don’t drop this unit, it will last forever! No replacement plates to worry about (which chances are you won’t be able to obtain in the future – just keeping it real) All you have to do to produce 30g of ozone per hour is place a box blowing into these tubes from a close distance. I place the tubes abutting the intake grill of the HVAC system in my home and the fan blowing on low from the back side to provide double suction on the two 3′ wide 8′ long tubes. This is the type of ozone that Nicola Tesla invented which creates a pure, humidity resistant ozone. Somewhat like a UV bulb, but better. UV bulbs slowly burn out, these don’t!

I’m working on creating a cheaper case for one 15g tube so that I don’t have to sell it for $189 in the future. I want to have the single 15g unit in the future sell for $139. I think I’ve figured out the new housing for that unit, I’ll unveil it in the coming weeks after some testing.

Thanks again for your continued support! I love ozone and what it does to promote good health and get rid of the ‘bad guys’ that seek to rob us of our health. And I love to provide the quality equipment at the lowest possible price, with great service. Any questions, give me a call! 619-361-5195 9-5 M-F CST. Thanks for reading, and God Bless!

15g ozone generator bare bones