2 Day Expedited Shipping. A $15 value. Now Free with Phone Orders*!

Great! But what’s the asterisk all about? The caveat is that it’s free if you pay with a debit card (Visa or MasterCard.)

In the past 10 years. The banks have gotten us for over $60,000 in processing fees. I recently discovered CardX. A credit card processor that only charges 1% to process debit cards. It also passes the processing fee (around 3%) onto the customer in the form of a fee if they use a Credit Card and thus passes that fee onto the customer rather than the vendor. Many government and ticket selling agencies use their service. And many websites trying to lower their operating costs are jumping onboard. We’re not going to use them for Internet sales, but we will use them moving forward on all phone orders. The choice to use a Debit or Credit card will be left up to our customers. Either way. Call in your order and you’ll get a free upgrade to same day shipping via 2 day USPS Priority mail. I see this as a win-win for both us and the customer. And a big L for the bankers who have been fleecing us for years.

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