10g Quartz Tube Ozone Ballast/Tube ‘Bare Bones’ Ozone Generator Now Available.

We know times are tough for many. (And getting tougher.) We also know we have the best ozone generator elements in the world. The same technology Nikola Tesla invented 100 plus years ago. Stainless steel mesh around a quartz tube and dielectric high voltage. This method of producing ozone is superior to the Chinese invented ceramic plate technology due to heat and humidity considerations. You see at 90% humidity. Ozone plate technology is reduced by 90%! It’s not reduced with our technology. (Or the more expensive UV technology that only produces low amounts of ozone).

Heat and humidity destroy ozone. Since ozone is most often used in areas with heat and humidity, choosing this type of ozone producing element is a no brainer.

Chinese made ozone generators featuring ozone plates are designed to fail fairly quickly. When it does. Rather than throw it away. Consider replacing your old transformer and ozone plate with this set-up. All it needs is a fan to feed this ozone element air to produce ozone. Some clever permaculture enthusiasts have found a way to cap both ends of the quartz tube and pressurize the inside part with air to create ozone they can bubble into water. But even if you do that. You’ll need a fan to cool both the tube and the transformer.

This 10g bare bones ozone generator sells for $60 delivered. We also offer volume discounts as follow:

2 for $110

3 for $160

4 for $210.

If you call in your order, we will ship USPS 2 day Priority mail. Otherwise. We ship USPS Parcel Post which takes around 4-6 days to deliver. If you have any questions. Just call us troll free 9-5 Central time at 888-989-8764. Thanks for your continued and have a Blessed Day!

2 thoughts on “10g Quartz Tube Ozone Ballast/Tube ‘Bare Bones’ Ozone Generator Now Available.

  1. Hello. How would I treat a 1,200 sq ft house? I don’t know which one to buy and how long to treat it. Lol I was thinking I could use the air return vent to help it circulate in the house but I don’t know how long I should do it.

    1. Two units, one in the main living area and the other near the air return. Air left on, low as possible, during shock treatment. The HVAC system if a dark, moist environment and bacteria, mold grows inside that can negatively impact your health.
      Mold is a bigger problem to ones health than the general public knows. Insurance companies want to keep this on the down low, so does the medical establishment.

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