Mouthwash Kill Cold and Flu bugs in the throat. But Vodka kills it faster. Hear me out.

This recent headline caught the attention of my BS meter: “Mouthwash brands fight false Covid-19 claims after Republican senator claims it kills virus” Well. That’s what research studies suggest. Here are a few: Certain mouthwashes might stop covid-19 virus transmission Mouthwash can kill COVID-19 within 30 seconds of exposure in a laboratory, a new UK study revealed. Why? Other studies are suggesting covid and most ‘colds’ infect the lungs via the mouth and bad gums.

During the 1912 Pandemic, some people noticed that homeless alcoholics weren’t dying from the flu, despite living in terrible conditions. This lead a doctor I know to do a test to see what affect Vodka would have on Covid. He found that everyone who gargled with Vodka after getting a sore throat would quickly develop antibodies to the particular type of cold or flu bug that had set up shop in their throat, if they followed his protocol (His protocol also includes dealing with the nasal cavities) Vodka as you probably know is the main ingredient in hand sanitizer. It instantly kills 99.99% of any virus. That dead virus then finds its way into the blood via your gums or sub-lingually. You immune system then does it’s things. (You know what) And viola! No deep respiratory lung infection ensues. But don’t worry. He promised not to publish his findings. His findings are safe from going viral. He got the message. Pisses me off.

Mouthwash kills Covid in 30 seconds. Vodka kills it in under a second. Nuff said. You figure it out.

The people who run this world know this. They also know certain protocols and antiviral’s work. So then why do they insist on keeping this information repressed? Brainwashing people that nothing can stop Covid, so blow down to the lockdowns and mandates! Reason? It’s an AGENDA! I think any rationally thinking person knows this. So let’s stop pretending that 2+2=5, shall we?

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  1. Of course it’s an agenda!!!! Glad to see youre awake to the bologna, makes your products all the more desirable to me!

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