Importance of Breathing Sanitized Indoor Air for Respiratory Illness Suffers.

Every year, two things happen this time of year which causes a spike in respiratory illness (colds and the flu). One. The sun sets so deep in the sky here in the Northern Hemisphere that we don’t get enough vitamin D production. This causes our immune system to become compromised during the winter months and susceptible to respiratory illness. The second thing that happens is that we spend most of our days indoors. Indoors where the air we breathe is many times dirtier than outdoor air. This one-two punch is what causes the so-called ‘flu season.’ But this need not be.

If the entire world read my blog and bought my equipment, we wouldn’t have a flu season, lol. Everyone would supplement with vitamin D during the winter (and take immune system vitamins in general) and perform weekly ozone shock treatments in their home, as well as follow my other indoor air quality solutions found here in this blog. An ozone shock treatment will not only kill the surface viruses, molds, and bacteria, but they also rid the air of the dust mites (and their feces) which is the number one cause of polluted indoor air. (yuck!) (also see Dust mite feces cause that ‘old house’ smell that comes from 30 years of dead skin and dust mite poop floating around in grandpa’s house. Do him a favor and lend him your Foreverozone!

Our newest ozone shock treatment machines feature our humidity resistant quartz tubes that like UV ozone generators are 100% humidity resistant but unlike UV ozone generators are affordable (UV ozone generators cost over $1000) We may miss out on the residual replacement plate ozone plate purchases in the future. But guess what? That’s okay. There’s going to come a day when it’s hard to get replacement parts anyway, so why not make a machine now that is made to last 100 years without any replacement parts? The thought of having my machines around long into the future brings a smile to my face. Viva la resistance!

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