How Ozone is Kills the “Bad Guys.”

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Anything can be safe or dangerous, including ozone generators. For instance, let’s take a look at the water. What we can all agree is that water is essential for life. We need to drink water to live, but if we drink too much water too fast, we’ll die. Does that mean that water is toxic? (the fact it can kill you?) Of course not. The same thing applies to ozone and ozone generators. 

Are ozone generators safe isn’t actually the question people should be asking, because that’s a stupid question, of course ozone generators are safe (and even essential for good health) when used properly (in unoccupied rooms for short bursts at ultra-high concentrations, what we call an ‘ozone shock treatment’) The more logical question should be: How do I properly use an ozone generator to improve my indoor air quality and my health? AHHHH, now that’s the question! (and I have the answer!)

FACT: Everyone sheds pounds of dead skin every year.

FACT: Dust mites feast off our dead skin and their feces is the #1 indoor air allergen that has been shown to cause asthma in children and reparatory disease in adults. 

FACT: The ONLY way to kill mites and neutralize their feces without filling your living space with harmful pesticides and toxins is to perform bi-monthly ozone shock treatments while nobody is home. (they go right through filters – sorry air purifier vendors!). 

Given these facts, I’d say that doing periodic ozone shock treatments is not only safe but ESSENTIAL to good indoor air quality and subsequently the health of you and your family! You can pay someone to perform an ozone shock treatment for a few hundred dollars once a month, but it makes more sense to buy enough ozone power to do it yourself, and perform periodic ozone shock treatments to rid your air of mites, parasites, molds, bacteria, and viruses to improve your indoor air quality and your health! 

The Forever Ozone Shock Treatment Protocol

Everyone who sells ozone generators gives different advice on how to use their machines. Some machines are, and they don’t produce much ozone, so the vendor of those machines suggest running them for 24 to 48 hours to get rid of odors. (MICA plate machines – MICA plates produce at most 400 mg/h of ozone, so 2-3 plates only provide 800 to 1200 mg/h) Others sell devices made in China and the Chinese don’t really have a clue on how to use the machines they produce for the most part, so their advice is all over the place, and often incorrect. To make matters worse, those machines are poorly designed and impossible to repair, and the plates run too hot and don’t produce much ozone at all. This has caused a problem in the ozone generator marketplace. Many people misuse their ozone machines or use poorly designed devices that don’t produce much ozone at all, and they get poor results. Worse of all, many people run their ozone generators at lower ppm concentrations for much too long, and the subsequent effect is adverse (creating harmful byproducts in the air). If you follow our protocol, which calls for high concentrations (6-10 ppm) of ozone for short periods of time (30 minutes to 1 hour), then you’ll get rid of the mites and the harmful micro-pathogens. What you won’t do is even more important! You won’t give the high concentration of ozone enough time to interact with the many substrates in the area (foam, rubber, furniture, etc.) so that you never reach the ‘flashpoint’ that these substrates need to break down with the high concentration of ozone! The fact of the matter is that most micro-pathogens die within minutes not hours of ultra-high ozone concentrations! Performing several short – high concentration ozone shock treatments to achieve any desired result is the Forever Ozone Shock Treatment Protocol.

Are ozone air purifiers safe? No. That’s why they’re banned in California. They look like air purifiers, often with filters, and if someone mistakes one of those machines for an air purifier and runs it at night while they or their kids are sleeping, the ozone concentrations in a small room and colder temps can cause the ozone concentrations to rise to dangerous levels. Every year people are rushed to hospitals because of this issue. I’m happy to note that we only sell industrial ozone generators that are only used for ozone shock treatments and furthermore can NEVER be confused for an air purifier! They look more like a science experiment than an air purifier – not a chance for that mistake being made! (not to mention the warnings on all of our devices) That’s why we’re able to sell our ozone machines in California by the way.

So are ozone generators safe? I guess that depends on many factors, but I can say without any hesitation that Forever Ozone generators are safe, not only safe, essential for good health! Folks who do monthly ozone shock treatments often comment that they no longer get seasonal colds or respiratory illnesses. We’re coming upon flu season, so if your family is prone to getting sick this time of year, break the cycle and give us a try. What do you have to lose! (PS. I GUARANTEE IF YOU DO BUY OUR MACHINE AND USE IT FOR MONTHLY SHOCK TREATMENTS, NOBODY IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD WILL EVEN COME DOWN WITH A COLD – OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!) That’s how confident I am that our ozone shock treatment machines are miracle workers – and ozone a God particle – Blessing from God that the evil overlords that run the world want to keep from society! (spoken tongue in cheek, lol …at least a little)

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