Do Ozone Generators Work?

do ozone generators work?

Yes, ozone generators can be very effective, but only if:

1) The concentration is six to ten times greater than the upper “safe” level of 1 ppm that the EPA guidelines recommends.

2) The “shock” duration is short. (long durations of 12 to 24 hours can break down foam in furniture and under the carpet)  Forever Ozone instructs its customers on the Forever Ozone Shock Treatment Protocol which is short (30 minutes) and frequent (three times a day) which does not reach the ‘flash point’ to break down foam and which will not create harmful byproducts but will kill viruses, bacteria, mites, molds, and parasites. 

3) You have enough ozone power, and the right machines to do the job right.  Most machines run too hot and guess what? Heat destroys ozone. Most ozone generators are also designed without enough air moving capability to churn the air and create the ozone concentration needed to perform a short, high strength ozone shock treatment. Lastly, most machines are not designed to keep the ozone plate dry by having the fan bear down on the play with a strong wind. (Our Cool-Tec design) In other words, ozone works. Most machines won’t get the job done however. 

The correct question is can ozone generators be used to improve indoor air quality? Can ozone generators be used in green pest control?  The large globalist Corporations promote ineffective filters and air purifiers that can’t kill the harmful things in the air that can rob you of your health and which allow dangerous parasites, like mites, molds, bacteria, viruses, etc to rob you of your health and sanity. They want you to poison your indoor air with pesticides and cancer-causing air fresheners instead of using the God particle known as ozone to get the job done right.

So, to answer the question, “Do ozone generators work,” the answer is a resounding YES! Ozone Generators, if used correctly, can work miracles and do things that no other sanitizer or cleaner can do! Ozone generators can vastly improve your indoor air quality and YES, ozone can be used in green pest control to rid your home of pests without pesticides!  If you search for “ozone generators” you will find pages and pages of search results trying to convince you that ozone is harmful and ozone generators don’t work. The reasons why, as outlined above, are obvious.

If you have a skunk spray inside your home, good luck getting rid of the smell with an air purifier. 

If you burn something or have smoke damage …

If you have a critter or something die in your home and the funk covers every surface of your walls and belongings …

If you have a mite infestation that is driving you crazy and you don’t want to harm your health spraying everything with pesticides … (which won’t work – they float in the air on dead skin) 

If you want to kill surface molds, bacteria, and viruses everywhere in 30 minutes ….

Good luck getting a positive result with an air purifier!  I’ve blogged before on why air purifiers don’t work. It’s simple. We kick up dust every time we move around. Air purifiers lack the air moving capability to lower dust levels let alone remove the harmful things in the air that can rob you of your health!  Your HVAC system – furnace filter IF you run your system in the “always on” position can filter all of the air in your home 2 times an hour, and if you utilize a MERV 11 air filter and an Induct UVC system, you can address most airborne issues, but you still won’t be able to kill surface mold, bacteria, or viruses UNLESS you perform an ozone shock treatment using our proven protocol!  Folks that utilize our ozone shock treatment machines and use our protocol live in mite free, bacteria free, virus free, mold free homes and they rave about the improved health they enjoy! Why doesn’t Google or the MSM want you to know about this? Oh, I don’t know. You’ll have to ask them. My guess it has something to do with money and an “agenda.”  

There is one last reason why I believe they don’t want people to perform ozone shock treatments. This might sound like a Sci-fi novel or conspiracy theory, but I don’t care, it is what it is. I got into ozone 20 years ago when I discovered via a friend who worked at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas that they were adding fuel additives to certain types of military jets that contained nano particles of metal. Our gov after 911 also started asking commercial jets to utilize this new fuel additive under the guise that it would prevent the fuel from exploding if it ran into a building. This fuel additive started leaving white lines in the sky that would linger for hours. People started to theorize it was for weather manipulation. I found out otherwise (can’t say what here) and I started to do regular ozone shock treatments in my own home and then started designing my own machines (minimalist to keep the price down) and selling them online. That is how Forever Ozone got started, and why. You see, ozone RUSTS nano metal VERY QUICKLY!!!!  Within minutes, for sure within a 30 minute shock treatment at 6-10 ppm.  Don’t take my word for it. Put out a petri dish and do a shock treatment with our machine then use an electron microscope to view the metal nano particles – they’ll all be rusted! The rusted metal becomes inert, incapable of conducting electricity, i.e., turning you into a human antenna for advanced surveillance and futuristic trans-human agendas. (everything is really electromagnetic – nothing is solid – it’s all just an illusion extrapolated from holograms in your brain – atoms are spinning electricity) 

So what happened when I started to do ozone shock treatments? I was getting bronchitis several times a year before I discovered ozone (I had 2 small children at the time who were always getting me sick from shedding the vaccines they were being forced to get – their mother is pro-vaccine) and after starting to do regular ozone shock treatments as well as drinking ozone water and cleaning my food with ozone, I NEVER GOT SICK ONCE IN THE PAST 10 YEARS! Not once, anyone who knows me can attest to that fact. I attribute my great health and longevity to ozone 100%.  So do countless others I’ve gotten to know over the years who buy our machines and follow our protocols for regular ozone shock treatments as well as utilizing ozonated water on a daily basis.

So, in the final analysis, not only do ozone generators work, if you don’t utilize ozone to sanitize your environment in lieu of harsh chemicals, good luck at obtaining optimal health.

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