Importance of Winter Ozone Shock Treatments.

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Here is a simple truth. To remove dust, all one has to do is run the HVAC system 24/7 in the “fan” position and change a MERV 11 filter every four weeks. (Those filters only cost less than $6 each when you BUY THEM BY THE CASE FROM eBay) That takes care of the dust for one year. HVAC systems push over 3000 CFM and filter all of the air in your home through the filter two times an hour. Inside of the HVAC system I recommend a UVC induct system that zaps viruses and bacteria. A 36W SYSTEM only cost around $60. 

That leaves the most critical component, ozone shock treatments to sanitize and neutralize the “bad guys” that cause illness ….dust mites, their droppings, VOC’s and off-gassing, and household chemicals from cleaners, air fresheners, etc. By the way, don’t use air fresheners, especially Febreze! Products like that contain A LONG LIST OF KNOWN CARCINOGENS and asthma, allergy triggers! There are so many indoor air pollutants that just wreak havoc on your immune system. The worst, in my opinion, are the ones like Febreze that claim to “not only remove odors but eliminate them”; cleaning chemicals. How they managed to avoid being sued for false advertising on that famous claim is beyond me. They don’t eliminate ANYTHING and to add insult to injury ADD toxins to the air which reigns hell down on the poor noses of allergy suffers and the most vulnerable among us …small children who breath many more times per minute than adults!

During the winter months, we spend most of the day indoors. The primary health threat besides the off-gassing and chemicals: dust mite feces. You need to kill dust mites (and any mite for that matter) that are eating up the POUNDS OF DEAD SKIN every living person (or pet) in your closed up indoor environment shed each year and defecating up a storm! That dust you see floating around, yeah, you don’t want to know! But know this, if you perform regular (10 times a month) ozone shock treatments for at least 1 hour, that stuff floating around won’t have any biologically active material (bug crap), and your living area will be mite free and believe me, that leads to better health! 

I could write a book on the 100’s of disgusting things that preside in indoor air that lead to respiratory and sinus issues, and guess what? Ozone is the knight in shining armor that slays them all, from VOC’s, molds, chemicals to mite and bug crap, it neutralizes and destroys the bad stuff and then reverts to oxygen. Ozone is usually the missing element in creating a healthy indoor air environment. Why? Misinformation, deliberate and malicious from some different sources, all with an agenda. The EPA and gov ….you have to know regardless of what you may believe …they do not have our health and best interest in mind. They have their agenda and believe me; it’s not to promote good health! (maybe the health of the pharma and chemical companies stock price, lol). Vendors of “indoor air quality” products …they have an agenda as well. Sell filters that will line their pockets with money until the cows come home! How dare I expose the simple truth that their air purifiers are worthless and that a $6 furnace filter will do a VASTLY superior job of removing dust from your indoor environment! How dare I, right? Who am I to interfere with their “hustle.” I could have continued to make six figures selling air purifiers but at the end of the day, if you’re not happy with what you do to earn a living, what’s the point, right? That’s what I think anyway; there’s more to life than making money. 

I genuinely believe in what I’m doing with ozone. My goal when I started was to bring the price down on ozone generators (mission accomplished) and make ozone generators that last longer (mission accomplished) and make them safer (our ozone generators will never be confused for air purifiers …the primary safety issue with ozone generators). Companies like Ecoquest and Alpine get sued all the time from folks that confuse their machines for air purifiers and breath high levels of ozone while they sleep, ending up in the hospital. Our ozone generators do the job, at a very fair price, and excellent customer service. I hope you consider them when you’re gift-giving this holiday season. Family and friends, especially folks with pets or kids, can reap better health and fewer trips to the doctor this winter if they employ the sanitizing power of ozone shock treatments (when nobody is home) this winter.  

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