“Ozonated autohemotherapy was associated with a significantly shorter time to clinical improvement in this prospective case-control study”

Those were the results of a small case study using ozone therapy to cure Covid-19 in patients that had already fallen so ill that they needed hospitalization. (see case study here) By that point, the lungs are already infected and breathing was already difficult, yet ozone therapy still significantly lessened the amount of time in the hospital. (7 days vs 28 days). If ozone is administered EARLY in the infection, a overnight hospital stay can be avoided. And who knows how many lives can be saved. And lets not forget that even low levels of ozone kill viruses according to the research (Japan study)

An ozone 10 pass treatment is expensive and it’s very hard to find a doctor who can perform it using the German equipment. Why? Mainly, they fear the wrath of the medical establishment in the USA. In Europe, it’s cheap and widely used. Lucky them! But ozone tenting is a cheap alternative that can be done at home. Basically, you sit in a steam sauna (cost around $100) with your head popping out of the tent as you sit down with a bucket that emits steam and then after your pores are open, you open the tent to let the heat out and you slip a silicone hose (via a small cut on the side of the tent) into the tent that fills the tent with ozone while your head sticks out as to not breath the ozone. (very important, ozone is not for breathing!) Our 10g ozonator emits over 100ppm of ozone and would quickly fill the tent with ozone that would then enter your blood via your skin pores. Since ozone is also good for longevity and boosting your immune system, this is something I’ve done regularly for quite some time and let me tell you, you do feel great afterwards! You really notice the difference if you do it after a heavy workout. This trick has been used in Hollywood and those in the know (think boxers, performance athlete’s) as a way to enhance performance and recovery in a way that is 100% undetectable and drug free! Talk about performance enhancing! After a football game, boxing match, soccer match, etc, a 10 pass ozone therapy (or ozone tenting) should be performed to reduce recovery time, stimulate stem cell growth of damaged cells, and boost the immune system to prevent from catching a cold.

Disclaimer: Just remember. Take precautions to prevent any significant amount of ozone gas from being breathed in during your ozone tenting! I accomplish this by doing it outside with a 20% box fan blowing fresh air at my head and a exhaust tube (4′ drain pipe I bought at Home Depot – installed by cutting a round 4″ hole in the side of the tent and using duct tape to close it up) on the tent that directs the excess ozone 10 feet away.

Ozone therapy works, and the science proves it. However, our medical establishment is profit based, so ozone (cheap, very effective, but can’t be patented) will never catch on in the USA. So this information will never be known by the masses. But lucky you. You found it and got to digest it. Knowledge is power. Enjoy your new found power, and spread the news.

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