How to avoid catching a cold? Keep your immune system strong! Some ideas on how to do that.

A virus by itself can’t make you sick. A virus isn’t alive. It’s just code that can spread if your immune system if weak from x y and z. This article will teach you what x y and z are, and help you prevent that from happening.

So keeping our immune system strong should be (in a rational world) job number one in fighting a pandemic. But it’s not. The people in charge prefer we fight this invisible enemy by wearing masks (that prevent us from getting oxygen, which is vital to a strong immune system), or who can forget their famous ‘lockdown’ that kept us locked up in our homes so that we couldn’t get sun and vitamin D, (vital to a strong immune system), or rely on a vaccine to save us, which weakens our immune system for a few weeks or alters our genes which can cause who knows what down the road. Or stress us out with their non stop fear mongering not to mention the stress caused from financial issues. Yeah. These people are sick! So they want us sick as well. Don’t let them win!

Given the reality of our situation, that evil people are driving the bus (given the 101 historical proofs that’s in fact the case) the only solution is to take our health into our own hands. Do your own research. Take command of our own bodies and your own immune system! There are a lot of great video’s on YouTube by honest doctors that share reliable data on how we can boost our immune system. Here is one from the good Dr Berg as well as this video of his that highlights what I covered in my last blog post, why you can’t kill a virus. (once it enters your system) Ozone destroys viruses by damaging the viral capsid and upsetting the reproductive cycle of said virus by disrupting the virus-to-cell contact via peroxidation. (oxidation resulting in the formation of a peroxide) But there technically isn’t anything to ‘kill’ as is the case with mites, bacteria, molds, etc. that are ‘alive’ and which ozone most certainly does kill. VOC’s are also broken down by ozone, (by breaking the hydrogen bond of chemicals) not killed, but I digress. That’s another subject.

So the number one thing you can do to prevent from catching a cold (besides washing your hands often and not touching your eyes or picking your nose) is to keep your immune system strong, and the best way to do that is to 1) don’t get stressed out! 2) Get plenty of sun. 3) Eat a healthy diet. 4) Supplement with Zink. Vitamins D. C. A. Olive Leaf. And Garlic. Why aren’t these things promoted? Why do the people in charge trying to stress us out 24/7 with their fear mongering? Or locking us up to keep us from getting sun. Or promoting things that weaken our immune system? I think we all know why.

So smile! Laugh at this crazy world! Be happy. Stress free. Throw your hands up and say “Jesus take the wheel” and know that good health is 100% yours! You got this.

Stay healthy my friends. And may God bless you and yours.

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