Does an Ozone Shock Treatment Kill Surface Viruses? US Army Says Yes.

If you search “Forever Ozone” in the search engines undoubtedly you seen that nasty letter the FTC sent me last March at the beginning of this planned takedown of our our old way of life and our freedoms for simply linking to a new article from a Spanish hospital in Ibiza which claimed that their 10 pass ozone therapy was being used successfully to prevent Covid deaths. Before they started using ozone treatments on critical patients, they were losing 10 people a day. After that, they didn’t lose one person. They didn’t call it a cure but they suggested that ozone therapy for Covid patients should be further investigated. My provocative Blog post asking if ozone therapy was a cure for Covid drew a swift response by our government, and I had 48 hours to remove the post or have the Feds take down my website and put me out of business, even lock me up.

When the US gov asks you to jump. You don’t say no. You ask how high if you know what’s good for you. I’m not stupid. I have no illusions. I know that you can’t beat a world gov on a mission to achieve a planned end. However. As one who likes to share the truth regardless of the consequence, here I go again. Pushing the envelope. But this time, I have an ally in the US Army. You see, their own study found that an ozone shock treatment kills surface Covid! Their words, not mine. Here’s their Pfg on this subject (click here)

Of course they list the studies from the FDA in their literature that suggest ozone is bad for breathing (true) and that it’s dangerous if not used correctly (also true) I agree with all of those statements. However, nobody is suggesting you breath the ozone from the commercial machines I sell! They’re used to DISINFECT AND SANTIZE UNOCCUPIED AREAS! And yes, ozone kills surface viruses and bacteria. This has been known FOR MANY YEARS VIA MANY STUDIES!

As is with everything, there is a right and wrong way to do something. It is true that some sellers of ozone generators wrongly suggest running their ozone generators for 12-24 hours at a time. They sell ozone plate technology that gets hot and stops producing pure ozone after a few minutes. The right way is to do SHORT HIGH CONCENTRATION ozone shock treatments that don’t give the ozone time to interact with the many different substrates found inside a structure (and reach the flash point where they break them down and potentially create harmful byproducts.) Studies suggest that takes many hours. Solution. DO SHORT OZONE SHOCK TREATMENTS!

The Forever Ozone Shock Treatment Protocol we developed over the years, via trial and error, does the job of killing ‘the bad guys” without interacting with your indoor belongings! Basically, we have our machines run for 30 minutes on, one hour off. The ozone will break down into oxygen after about 40 minutes then the process of shocking can continue if needed, but for ridding an area of surface viruses and bacteria, 30 minutes with 10,000 mg/h per 1000 square feet is more than enough. It is my opinion that this should be done on a nightly basis in all schools. All offices. All businesses. And weekly in all residences. Schools especially! Studies conducted in the early 1900’s found that schools that did nightly ozone shock treatments had vastly fewer sick days for students and teachers than schools that did not do night ozone shock treatments. The reason? Mold. The mold was making people sick in the un-ozonated schools. As a bonus, they found the better air quality lead to higher test scores in the ozonated schools. Imagine that! Talk about win-win. Why doesn’t every school district know this and call us to get our ozone machines from me at price to help their kids? I’d love to help. But all I get is pushback from our gov. Wonder why?

(Here is the write-up I found in a local newspaper about ozone in St Louis schools. On page 340.) I quote:

Ozone in the St. Louis Schools.-

After preliminary studies and tests made on a number of persons with ozone concentration many times that for ventilation, ozone machines have been installed in the air ducts of a number of the school buildings of St. Louis. The first machine was installed in the O’Fallon School in 1919. The effects on the comfort and health of teachers and pupils were so marked that in the summer of 1920 ozone machines were installed in thirteen old schools and put in the specifications of three new ones. In most instances the principals and teachers were not apprised of the change in the ventilation, in order that psychology might not figure in the results. The most beneficial results were noticeable in a few weeks. Teachers volunteered the information that pale and anemic children had gained in weight and that the new ventilation relieved the fatigue of the day’s work.

Hundreds of visitors have visited the schools where this ventilation has been installed. To those who are not fully convinced of the
merits of ozone in ventilation, an invitation is extended to visit the schools of St. Louis and make such tests as may seem desirable
where the facilities for such are so large.

Jour. Am. Soc. of Heat.-Vent. Engineers, January, 1922.

2 thoughts on “Does an Ozone Shock Treatment Kill Surface Viruses? US Army Says Yes.

  1. Just ordered the $99 machine for my car. We adopted a 6 year old Great Dane five months ago and my car needs an Ozone treatment, bad!

    Reading your blog, I am thrilled to find out about the implications for use against COVID etc.!!! I’ll be using it in the house also.

    The 1920 article you cited used the word “ventilation” in regards to the use of Ozone treatment in schools. That would seem to indicate the Ozone machines were used while students and teachers were present, which, as we know would be harmful. I’m going to try to find out more about this article and any other studies.

    My experience with Ozone machines comes from our business. When we used Ozone machines in our business preparing residential rental units for new occupants (painting, housekeeping and carpet cleaning) it was for smoke and culinary damaged units (cigarettes and heavy use of Indian/Asian spices). Extremely damaged units required a complete TSP cleaning of all painted surfaces prior to a complete repaint which we would follow with a 24 hour ozone treatment. We had the old machines with the plates and were not aware of the shortcomings of those machines and longer use not being effective – no wonder it wasn’t always effective against the cuisine damage! After the treatment, we would run in, open all the windows, turn on all the fans etc., and run out. No one was allowed in the unit for another 24 hours. On occasion, an “occupied” unit would be Ozone’s however, no people, pets and no plants were allowed in the unit to be Ozone’d for the entire duration of the process. Additionally, anything leather, rubber or elastic had to be covered to protect from the drying aspects of the ozone treatment had on those fabrics.

    1. Hi Jane. Thanks for the input. As for ozone drying things out, it’s more the oxidation threat that makes it dangerous to run for say 24 hours straight. When you rent a machine, you want to run it the entire time to get your monies worth, but it’s not safe on the foam in the furniture or the gaskets to the fridge, etc. However, the ‘flash point’ to damage those things comes after hours of exposure to high ozone concentrations. If you follow our protocol of 30 on 1 hour off, you’ll never get to that flash point and you don’t have to cover furniture. Also, the ozone shocks they did in the St Louis schools was at night in the HVAC (ventilation) systems. Not with kids present. It’s been known for 100 plus years that breathing high concentrations of ozone is harmful to the lungs. So they shocked the classrooms at night via their HVAC systems. Many schools do this on the down low with our equipment. Some in Louisiana that serve poor communities have mold issues that our ozone machines have addressed (in certain classrooms) with amazing results. (Less sick days, higher test scores) The teachers who use our machines are scared to publish their results because they didn’t get approval from the school board. They would have said no for sure. A sad commentary on the state of our Union but it is what is is and one has to take their health in their own hands these days instead of trusting the people who run the show. Their track record for honesty and having our best interest, health wise, in mind is very questionable, to say the least.

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