How to Kill Mites with Ozone

killing mites with ozone

I stumbled upon a study that found that ozone does kill mites, but you need a high ozone concentration.  Our ozone generators that feature cooler running ozone plates create the highest ozone concentration possible and as such have been used very successfully at killing all types of mites, including the type that burrows under the skin and causes the most problems.  Click here to view the study.

Ozone shock treatments (always performed in unoccupied areas) create ultra-high concentrations of ozone that rupture the membranes of small parasites and insects, like mites.  It doesn’t take lone (20-30 minutes) as this study suggests to get a 100% kill rate. However, ozone will not kill the eggs so you should follow the protocol we outline in our manuals for killing mites. 

We have several articles on how to kill mites with ozone shock treatments. The protocol is basically 3 weeks, two shock treatments a day. If it’s a serious biting mite infestation, we suggest starting with a ‘hot shot” fogging of the residence followed by the ozone. The ozone will break down the pesticide residue so that it won’t harm you PLUS continue killing mites and their eggs when they pop up. Ozone itself can do the job, that’s the nuclear option.

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