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Ozone Shock Treatment Increased Attendance and Test Scores at Louisiana Schools

A very smart Lousiana school teacher who was fed up with her school district’s response to a mold problem in her classroom decided to take matters into her own hands. The panels on the roof were constantly being replaced for visible mold growth. She knew the roof leaked and the area above her roof had a serious mold issue that was making her and her students sick. But what could she do? The admin in charge would simply replace the moldy panels without addressing the mold issue causing the mold in the first place. She read that ozone shock treatments (performed in unoccupied areas) killed mold so she decided to give it a shot. She purchased one of our ozone generators (they all come with 24-hour timers) and set it to run every day at 3 AM for one hour. The results were immediate and remarkable. Less sick days. Higher test scores. More alert students. Even the classroom next to hers started seeing improvements in all of those areas, although not as drastic as hers.

I was so inspired by this teachers success that I am going to GIFT 100 ozone generators to the first 100 teachers that call me at 702-956-0856 and agree to take part of a study to prove that ozone shock treatments in schools can improve health, increase attendance, increase test scores, and increase student participation (happier kids – more alert) If you’re a teacher in a school in the south that has mold issues (musty smells) and you feel that it is negatively impacting your students, take matters into your own hands! Set one of our ozone generators near a box fan in your classroom and have it go off at 2-3 AM (first find out the exact time the classroom is cleaned by the janitor to make sure the ozone shock treatment isn’t being performed at that time.) Ozone reverts to oxygen in 40 minutes. Instead of being greeted with musty odors in the morning, students and teachers will be greeted with mountain fresh-smelling air free of mold, viruses, and bacteria! The ozone shock treatment will kill surface bacteria and viruses as well, a bonus.

(PS. If you’d like to speak with this teacher and get further insight on the dramatic results she encountered, I can pass your information on to her – with your own story, situation – and if she has time (you know how it is as a teacher and parent) she’ll get back to you or email you back a response. She just asks that she keep her identity private – not looking for publicity – and would like to be able to continue utilizing ozone to keep herself and her students healthy and overachieving with grades)
What about trying to go through the school district to approve an ozone shock treatment of your musty mold-infested classroom? Good luck. They think ozone is a dangerous, toxic gas and odds are you’ll never get their approval. An alternative is to buy a toxic mold test kit, prove the area has a mold issue, then contact an attorney. Of course, that will end up costing the taxpayers money, but that’s better than allowing your health of the health of your students to suffer. I like my solution better. Use OXYGEN to kill the mold and increase the oxygen – kill surface bacteria and viruses and be done with it! Ozone shock treatments also kill small insects, mites, and parasites. What’s wrong with that?
By the way, I am a firm believer that when we give away 10% of more of our income, especially if we’re blessed and have more than what we need to survive, we’ll be blessed and never want for anything. More important than that, I believe in karma. When I realized that 100 ozone generators could have a positive impact on over 2000 kids and teachers, the idea of giving away 100 ozone generators became a no-brainer. If this works out as good as I believe it will (with documented proof) I plan on expanding this program via a Non Profit in other parts of the USA and who knows, maybe around the world. First things first. Let’s replicate this teacher’s results and document it, and the rest will take care of itself.

Importance of Winter Ozone Shock Treatments.

Here is a simple truth. To remove dust, all one has to do is run the HVAC system 24/7 in the “fan” position and change a MERV 11 filter every four weeks. (Those filters only cost less than $6 each when you BUY THEM BY THE CASE FROM eBay) That takes care of the dust for one year. HVAC systems push over 3000 CFM and filter all of the air in your home through the filter two times an hour. Inside of the HVAC system I recommend a UVC induct system that zaps viruses and bacteria. A 36W SYSTEM only cost around $60. 

That leaves the most critical component, ozone shock treatments to sanitize and neutralize the “bad guys” that cause illness ….dust mites, their droppings, VOC’s and off-gassing, and household chemicals from cleaners, air fresheners, etc. By the way, don’t use air fresheners, especially Febreze! Products like that contain A LONG LIST OF KNOWN CARCINOGENS and asthma, allergy triggers! There are so many indoor air pollutants that just wreak havoc on your immune system. The worst, in my opinion, are the ones like Febreze that claim to “not only remove odors but eliminate them”; cleaning chemicals. How they managed to avoid being sued for false advertising on that famous claim is beyond me. They don’t eliminate ANYTHING and to add insult to injury ADD toxins to the air which reigns hell down on the poor noses of allergy suffers and the most vulnerable among us …small children who breath many more times per minute than adults!

During the winter months, we spend most of the day indoors. The primary health threat besides the off-gassing and chemicals: dust mite feces. You need to kill dust mites (and any mite for that matter) that are eating up the POUNDS OF DEAD SKIN every living person (or pet) in your closed up indoor environment shed each year and defecating up a storm! That dust you see floating around, yeah, you don’t want to know! But know this, if you perform regular (10 times a month) ozone shock treatments for at least 1 hour, that stuff floating around won’t have any biologically active material (bug crap), and your living area will be mite free and believe me, that leads to better health! 

I could write a book on the 100’s of disgusting things that preside in indoor air that lead to respiratory and sinus issues, and guess what? Ozone is the knight in shining armor that slays them all, from VOC’s, molds, chemicals to mite and bug crap, it neutralizes and destroys the bad stuff and then reverts to oxygen. Ozone is usually the missing element in creating a healthy indoor air environment. Why? Misinformation, deliberate and malicious from some different sources, all with an agenda. The EPA and gov ….you have to know regardless of what you may believe …they do not have our health and best interest in mind. They have their agenda and believe me; it’s not to promote good health! (maybe the health of the pharma and chemical companies stock price, lol). Vendors of “indoor air quality” products …they have an agenda as well. Sell filters that will line their pockets with money until the cows come home! How dare I expose the simple truth that their air purifiers are worthless and that a $6 furnace filter will do a VASTLY superior job of removing dust from your indoor environment! How dare I, right? Who am I to interfere with their “hustle.” I could have continued to make six figures selling air purifiers but at the end of the day, if you’re not happy with what you do to earn a living, what’s the point, right? That’s what I think anyway; there’s more to life than making money. 

I genuinely believe in what I’m doing with ozone. My goal when I started was to bring the price down on ozone generators (mission accomplished) and make ozone generators that last longer (mission accomplished) and make them safer (our ozone generators will never be confused for air purifiers …the primary safety issue with ozone generators). Companies like Ecoquest and Alpine get sued all the time from folks that confuse their machines for air purifiers and breath high levels of ozone while they sleep, ending up in the hospital. Our ozone generators do the job, at a very fair price, and excellent customer service. I hope you consider them when you’re gift-giving this holiday season. Family and friends, especially folks with pets or kids, can reap better health and fewer trips to the doctor this winter if they employ the sanitizing power of ozone shock treatments (when nobody is home) this winter.  

How to Kill Mites with Ozone

I stumbled upon a study that found that ozone does kill mites, but you need a high ozone concentration.  Our ozone generators that feature cooler running ozone plates create the highest ozone concentration possible and as such have been used very successfully at killing all types of mites, including the type that burrows under the skin and causes the most problems.  Click here to view the study.

Ozone shock treatments (always performed in unoccupied areas) create ultra-high concentrations of ozone that rupture the membranes of small parasites and insects, like mites.  It doesn’t take lone (20-30 minutes) as this study suggests to get a 100% kill rate. However, ozone will not kill the eggs so you should follow the protocol we outline in our manuals for killing mites. 

We have several articles on how to kill mites with ozone shock treatments. The protocol is basically 3 weeks, two shock treatments a day. If it’s a serious biting mite infestation, we suggest starting with a ‘hot shot” fogging of the residence followed by the ozone. The ozone will break down the pesticide residue so that it won’t harm you PLUS continue killing mites and their eggs when they pop up. Ozone itself can do the job, that’s the nuclear option.

Ozone Shock Treatments. How and why.

Corporate America and the US Gov to some extent love to push expensive, disposable, completely ineffective (at removing the things in the air that can make you sick) HEPA filters down our throats. If you search for “ozone generators” in the search engines, at least half of the top page results will be anti-ozone generator sites or air purifier vendors. They will try to convince you not to buy an ozone generator and instead buy a HEPA air purifier. Why? The answers are obvious. International Corporations can’t make money from a product that doesn’t require a frequently needed not to mention expensive replacement part. Our government hates ozone for a different reason. They have a population control agenda. If everyone owned an ozone generator, they wouldn’t be able to make you sick with their chemtrails, human-made viruses, or keep you from curing your cancer or another disease with ozone, so they try as they may to vilify ozone and convince you that three atoms of oxygen are smog. When I say “they” I mean the EPA and the medical establishment. The truth is that ozone is nature’s cleanser, and nature ONLY creates ozone when human-made pollutants or smoke from fires or volcanic eruptions are present in the atmosphere along with sunlight to break said pollutants down. Nature does this by splitting oxygen atoms when these conditions exist. No pollution, ozone isn’t created. So why then does the EPA call ozone “smog”? Simple. To divert attention away from the Corporate polluters that pay taxes; mother nature doesn’t. Instead of measuring pollution, they measure the cleaner mother nature has created to break down and remove the contamination, and of course, the higher the pollution, the higher the ozone response. Calling ozone smog is disingenuous at best, and overtly fraudulent disinformation if you think about it.

So why is an ozone shock treatment a “MUST DO” for your home? DESTRUCTION OF BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE FECAL MATER! Before I got into ozone, I sold air purifiers and worked for an environmental engineering firm in Las Vegas that would test the indoor air of folks that became sick. Their insurance companies would hire us to test the air and figure out what was making them sick. Most of those cases dealt with black mold, but guess what else? Fecal matter from mites. All the homes I tested had high amounts of the allergens from the feces of mites. Why? We all shed pounds of dead skin each year, and that’s what the mites eat. And mites poop. They poop a lot. That dust you see when a ray of sun shines in your home is mostly dead skin and mite poop. Over time, that biologically active fecal matter starts to wreak havoc on your immune system, especially if you live in a closed-up home that can’t be aired out. Over the years, the air gets worse and worse until you get sick. Add to the mix molds, bacteria, viruses, parasites, and who knows what from the chemtrails and pollution in our environment. Can HEPA filters remove those things? No. The particles in question that make you sick are too small, and besides, HEPA filters can’t deal with the dust that is constantly being kicked up every time you walk around or sit down; air purifiers don’t move enough air to remove the particles that are continually being kicked up. I explain how to deal with dust in another blog post. So what is the answer? Regular ozone shock treatments are the only answer! Ozone shock treatments are the only way to kill the mites and neutralize their droppings, period.

What is the protocol for a proper ozone shock treatment? You need enough ozone to do the entire structure in one shot; otherwise, the ozone concentration will be too weak to kill mites or neutralize their droppings. You’ll only freshen the air. And you can’t utilize an ozone air purifier; those are low ozone output devices that just make the air smell pleasant and fresh while they’re running, and may be harmful to your lungs in the long haul. We do not advocate breathing ozone, and we only use ozone as a commercial sanitizer to clean the air and rid the air of parasites, mold, viruses, bacteria, VOCs, etc. That’s it.

So how much ozone do you need? 1000 mg/h per 100 sq feet with an ozone generator that does not allow the ozone plate to get too hot. I add that caveat because not all ozone generators are the same. Most vendors sell ozone generators utilizing Chinese stacked transformers that quite frankly get too hot, over 140 degrees to be exact. (if you own one buy a $12 heat sensor and see for yourself). Our ozone plates, on the other hand, stay under 100 degrees because of our “Cool-Tec” designs and our unique ozone transformers and plates. If you choose to utilize a “hot plate” ozone generator, we recommend doubling the ozone concentration. Our tests show that at 140 degrees over 70% of the ozone power is lost to heat.

So now you have enough ozone power, what’s next? You want to use your home HVAC fan to distribute the ozone throughout your home. Leave all of the doors open, open cabinet doors, closet doors, and place your ozone generator under the air return. Our commercial ozone generators shoot ozone straight up at 2400 CFM but if you don’t have one of our units, utilize a box fan and have that facing the air return in the ceiling.

How long does it take to do a proper ozone shock treatment if you have enough ozone power? If you have enough ozone, all it takes is a one-hour shock treatment at a high concentration to kill the “bad guys” in the air that makes you sick. Others will ask you to run their machines 6-12-24 hours because they don’t create high ozone concentrations, but that is not a good idea. Allowing ozone to interact with the substrates in your home for that long is not a good idea. The right approach is to hit it hard, hit it fast, then air it out. If you do that, you will get all of the excellent benefits of an ozone shock treatment without any negative consequences, like breaking down the foam under your carpet or inside your furniture. What is the max amount of time you can shock an area? Our experience suggests six hours with furnished regions, by using the protocol we teach in our manuals, and 12 hours or longer with unfurnished areas.

What if you don’t have an HVAC system? You will need to place several fans around your structure to move the ozone around. Can you go room by room? Yes, but you will not be able to sanitize the air efficiently as some contaminated air will leak into the area that was cleaned and vice versa. You need to do the entire structure at one time to receive the benefits of 100% sanitized air.

After you shock treat your home with ozone, all that is left is to open the windows to air the space out, then run your HVAC fan in the “on” position 24/7 with a MERV 11 filter to address the dust issues. After a shock treatment, you will have dead mites, dead skin, and neutralized mite and pest droppings you want to eliminate from your indoor air. The ONLY way to do that is by running your HVAC fan in the on position 24/7 and changing the MERV 11 filter ever three weeks. (Yes, it will need it – will turn black – but better them than your lungs!) I have meters that measure the amount of dust in the air and believe me, your HVAC fan is 3000 CFM vs. 150 for an air purifier, and you get much lower dust levels running your HVAC fan than placing a $1000 air purifier in every room. The reason is simple. Air purifiers do not churn the air and can only remove the dust immediately near the device. Total waste of money. Ineffective.

I hope this clears the air on ozone generators and exposes HEPA air purifiers and our governments’ “ozone smog” lies for what they are, disinformation. The truth shall set you free, free of illness caused by contaminated indoor air, and free from the lies that seek to keep you a slave to allergy medications, HEPA filters, and Corporate greed.