Walmart Recall of Aroma Scents contaminated With ‘Rare and Dangerous’ Bacteria Tip of Iceberg.

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A recent news article about a potentially fatal bacteria found in contaminated aromatherapy scents sold at Walmart is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the dangers of air fresheners. Let me explain.

20 years ago I worked for an environmental engineering firm that basically worked with insurance companies to test the air for toxic mold and VOCs (new home syndrome). The knowledge I gained from that training has served me well over the years and even helped inspire the creation of several companies including Forever Ozone. One of the things I learned was that air fresheners are a major cause of indoor air pollution (VOCs – volatile organic compounds) Unfortunately, the company that owns Febreze, Proctor and Gamble, is one of the wealthiest Intl Corps in this world, so the dangers of air fresheners is a ‘shhhhh’ subject.

Years ago, Febreze ran an ad campaign that claimed that their products not only get rid of odors, they ‘eliminate‘ them. I contacted them and claimed that’s what ozone does, not their chemical products that actually contribute to air pollution and actually contain a long list of health damaging substances. The truth is that their products don’t even cover up odors! They just add another foul chemical smell to the mix. Foolish me threatened to sue them and expose the truth. Help promote ozone. A win-win situation for me and my company. I got a threatening email in response that suggested they have the resources to litigate me out of business, if I dare try to rain on their false marketing parade. A few days later they had a local lawyer deliver a personal message to help me understand what I was up against and that those people don’t play. The very health and well-being of my children would also be impacted if I chose to try and litigate this story via social media and the Internet. When I asked how, I got a coy response that they knew where my kids went to school and that I would ne longer have the funds to live in a nice house or send them there if I chose to pick a fight with P&J. Hmmm I thought. They must have hired a PI to find out where my kids went to school. That’s odd I thought, unless they were trying to intimidate and scare me. And it worked. I took that as a personal threat. But after talking about this with my wife, I decided that they were bluffing. I was in the right and had nothing to worry about. So I blogged about it and called the local news station and tried to get them to report on this story and my pending litigation. Boy was that stupid! Within months I was kicked off Amazon where I was getting 66% of my sales. I wasn’t able to pay the $10,000 lawyer retainer. And this dream of exposing the truth about Febreze was dead. I still wonder if picking a fight with P&J over Febreze had anything to do with that. I had a perfect sales record on Amazon and then out of the blue people were posting bad reviews of my products and asking for their money back, returning broken machines. Do you believe in coincidences?

My attempts to bring attention to the false advertising and the many health risks of their air fresheners never even got off the ground. I came to learn that the parent company, Procter & Gamble, one of the wealthiest Corporations in the world has enough money and ’33 connections’ to squash any story that painted Febreze products in a negative light. P&J has more products and spends more money on advertising those products than any other Corp in the world! There isn’t a news station in this country that would be foolish enough to risk losing their largest advertiser.

This makes perfect sense in retrospect. We live in a world where bad is called good (air fresheners) and good (ozone) is called bad. This now all make perfect sense. So I just filed that away as just more proof that Corporations and governments have an agenda to make money and cause illness, (to feed Pharma and medical establishment), not to be good citizens of this world or to honest. And for sure. Not to promote our well being. That’s our job. And I also learned that here in the real world, you pick a fight with Goliath and you get squashed. But on a positive note, I’m much happier now than I was back then! Much more peace in my life now. I learned that peace comes from within, not from things outside of me.

The fragrances found in nature elicit different emotions, and good quality essential oils are also healthy in my opinion, but you value your health, stay away from the heavily processed chemical ‘scents’ and air fresheners on the market! Cleanliness is next to godliness and nothing says clean better than a thunderstorm (creates ozone) or an ozone shock treatment to sanitize and purify the air. Get rid of all the ‘bad guys’ which include bacteria and viruses that can rob us of good health. Ozone shock treatments in unoccupied rooms even kill flies and mosquitoes! Cost if you own our machine? Free, which is just more proof that the best things in life are free! I also learned it’s not wise to mess with mother nature. But above all, I got to witness how this world works, and where lasting peace and happiness come from. It’s not from Amazon. Or fake fragrances. Or anything outside of us. I learned that if we do what is right, the real ‘us’ will be blissful deep inside us come what may, and that our path will be blessed with peace and happiness despite whatever happens in this ‘movie’ we call live, good or bad. There are no problems, just solutions waiting to be solved, and new exciting trails ready to be explored and witnessed! So yeah, I tend to laugh at this fake, backwards messed up world and don’t allow it to set-up shop in my consciousness! I’ve got this 🙂

PS. If you have that recalled fragrance product from Walmart, the best way to sanitize all surfaces of that harmful bacteria is with an ozone shock treatment, not trying to wipe surfaces down with chemical products that will create indoor air pollution (another problem) Isn’t it interesting that Pharma solutions cause side effects but natural solutions like ozone don’t? Ozone is natures air cleaner, and without it, we’d all be dead. (Smog from fires, volcanic eruptions would linger and eventually kill us all. Ozone breaks down pollution and eliminates it by breaking down the chemical bonds that comprises what is in air pollution) Blessed will be those who have the power of ozone at their disposal when things hit the fan and modern society falls apart. (By designed, can’t stop their plans. But you can be prepared!) Fires will rage, burning plastics and chemical laced materials creating toxic clouds. Water, giver of life, will also be contaminated. Ozone will be like the blood above the doorway that keeps the angel of death that kills 1/3 of the world in the last days from paying your family a visit. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to sell our machines when that day comes, and what good will having a million dollars in the bank be if you don’t own our all in one ozone generator then? When that day comes, I wouldn’t trade our 10g ozone machine for any amount of money. If you don’t have good health, you don’t have anything.

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