Why Our Transformers are Best!

Chinese ozone transformer

We invented our 10g transformers with a removable plate and plug-in power cord to solve several issues – problems with the Chinese designed transformers.

1) No red “hot” high voltage wires outside the transformer. If they touch or come loose, they become a fire and shock hazard. They also result in electricity loss vs having the wires internalized.
2) It’s hard to remove the ozone plates from the Chinese transformers.
3) It’s hard to re-wire the Chinese transformers.
The Chinese responded to our invention by creating a double-stacked transformer with non-removable ozone plates. It’s flawed, and it’s not safe. Here are the main problems:

1) They cement the red high voltage wires onto the ozone plates making them impossible to replace and a fire-shock hazard should they come loose.
2) The bottom of the transformer sits flush with the surface and builds up heat. If you run this for an hour or longer, it can burst into flames (gets very very hot) Our transformers feature a heat sink and face the fan. Stay super cool.
3) Air rushes past the ozone plates from the side from a weak 4″ fan. Bad design. Our units feature 9, 12, 20, or 24 metal fans that pivot to send the ozone towards the roof, a much better design.

The 4 columns are electrified with high voltage and can cause the plastic part to melt and even burst into flames if left unchecked.
I’ve had a couple of dozen people who tried these transformers and had a terrible experience call me to order our ozone generators. Several stated they caught on fire, one was even nice enough to send me a picture.

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