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I’ve been working on this product for a while. This so-called “pandemic” has really thrown a monkey wrench into production capabilities, so we’ve had to adapt. We made a deal with a large stainless steel fabricator to make us what I feel is the best commercial ozone generator on the market, at any price!

This commercial ozone generator solves a few problems, mainly:

  1. Humidity issues. At 70% humidity, the amount of ozone a ceramic plate ozone generator can produce is reduced by 70%. Up to now, the solution has been UV lamp ozone generators. The problem; they’re too expensive, (over $2000 on avg) and the UV lamps lose power with every use. This new quartz tube technology solves that problem. Best of all, it never wears out, no need for replacement ozone plates (quartz tube comes with a lifetime warranty, along with the transformer).
  2. Heat issues. Heat destroys ozone. Most ceramic ozone plates run at around 150 degrees! That’s not good, especially during summer months. This technology runs cool. Under 90 degrees. That helps prevent NoX production (that burnt ozone smell that lingers for days that you get when you utilize a ceramic plate ozone generator)
  3. Shoots ozone towards roof: This unit comes with a 9″ metal fan that slides under the ozone generator and will blow the ozone being produced straight up towards the roof. This is important because ozone is heavier than air, and most ozone generators utilize a 4.5″ computer fan and blows the ozone sideways. That will create an ozone cloud near the unit, but leave the air near the roof ozone free. This innovative design also allows you to attach an 12″ blower / PVC HVAC hose (sold for $170 more) for jobs that require blowing ozone into the attic or basement.

We also sell a 0-20 ppm ozone sensor for $299 (retails for $799 elsewhere) for our customers who buy our commercial ozone generator.

Shipping is free to the West coast, Central states and East coast pay’s $20 for UPS ground shipping. (Call to order if you’re not sure)

Warranty: Lifetime, transformer and ozone tube.

2 thoughts on “New Commercial Ozone Machine – Humidity proof!

  1. I understand how it runs cooler due to the quartz insulator, so less ozone is destroyed but how does it stop humidity, wouldn’t the same NoX form on the conductor side as the humid air passes over it?

    1. Because you don’t need to cool the ozone element (we use a fan to suck the air from the ozone tube out the fan instead of having the fan blow over the tube) the ozone builds up on the metal opposite the quartz in much higher concentrations than blowing oxygen over a hot ceramic plate. This method reduces Nox but does not eliminate Nox production, nor do we advertise that. Nox doesn’t last that long and since these are used in unoccupied areas, not an issue. The issue is that humidity reduces the amount of ozone that can be produced, but not so with this set-up.

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