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Low Cost Ozone Therapy Solution

Low Cost Ozone Therapy Solution

I love channeling my inner “MacGyver” to come up with creative solutions that I encounter in the game of life. Like it or not, there is an agenda in play that apparently can’t be stopped. An agenda which has negative health consequences for everyone who wishes to remain an ‘organic creation.’ i.e. not a genetically modified human.

So that’s the bad news. The good news is that ozone therapy can and does counter the harmful effects from mRNA Vs. The next problem, and the solution to this issue required some creative thinking, is that ozone therapy is pretty much cost prohibitive to most folks. Well. I have come up with what I feel is a pretty viable solution! Home based Ozone Therapy Spas. Basically, anyone with a spare bedroom or back patio (in nice climate areas) can set-up a home ozone sauna business and make around $30-$40 per 40 minute treatment (per sauna) for a 30 minute ozone therapy session that will flood their body with ozone! We make the 10g medical grade ozone generator (comes with an oxygen concentrator) that can feed up to three steam sauna tents with enough ozone (over 50ppm) to perform a high quality ozone therapy session using our proprietary protocol. (Heat sauna first to open the pores, remove the heat, then introduce 100 ppm ozone and maintain it at around 50ppm for 30 minutes)

Most home businesses feature hefty up front costs and thousands a month in ongoing advertising expenses to ‘get the word out’ about the new service or venture you want the world to learn about. Not this business opportunity! We will drive customers your way by providing a link to your own website (we will create) that will be 100% turn-key. (We get hundreds sometimes thousands a visitors each day, all organic. We also have over 30,000 past customers.) I will also start to advertise on Mike Adams ” Natural Health News” website soon. I think that’s the perfect place to advertise a service that can reverse V damage and naturally address many disease conditions with 100% verified better than stellar results. (millions of studies) For $1,200 (price of Ozone Therapy distributorship) you’ll get a 10g ozone machine, oxygen concentrator, and steam sauna as well as your own website. You can also sell highly ozonated oil locally that is 100% potent. (Unlike the type they sell online that arrives ozone free unless it arrives frozen. We’ll show you how to make it. ) You can also sell our ozone bidets and ozone equipment and make a commission. And we’ll show you how to make an ozone exhaust for the tents that will send the excess ozone out the window. We’ll show you how to connect that to your tent.

I strongly believe this is a service that will be very much in need and in demand as the years pass. Why? Their is now plenty of data that suggests that Covid-19 and or the mRNA vaccines cause red blood cell ‘issues.’ Blood clotting and clumping. Low oxygen levels. A few ‘rare’ side effects as well as auto immune issues. Chronic headaches and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Just to name a few of the issues ozone can address. Getting your blood right with an ozone therapy tent session will flood your body with the oxygen your immune system needs to win the war its constantly raging vs ‘the bad guys.’

My vision for these Ozone Therapy Home Spa’s (can be a home or retail locations) is this. Have our distributors offer a low cost ozone therapy business that can treat mostly family, friends, neighbors, church brothers and sisters, etc for free to family and friends and dirt cheap ($30-$40 for a total 40 minute session) for the locals. The thing is, this is not a “me-too” business. It’s hard to turn a profit competing with Amazon and Walmart or competing against already well established players. There will be no competition even against the established ozone therapy businesses. The people offering ozone therapy right now will not be your competition. Rather. This will offer a low cost alternative to people seeking ozone therapy. It cost around $800 or so for a 10 pass blood ozone therapy (works great) but prices out most people. The amount of ozone that enters the blood from our proprietary ozone steam sauna treatment isn’t something we can quantify however nor do we want to because we’re not trying to offer a medical procedure. We are simply pumping 2 grams of ozone into a small tent in 30 minutes (first ten minutes is the steam sauna portion, then the heat is removed and the ozone is introduced to the open pores) Your open pores will absorb high ppm concentrations of ozone (over 50 ppm) right into your blood (generally regarded as safe, no side effects) via the open pores. I’ve been using this type of ozone therapy on myself for years as well as family and friends and everyone raves about the ‘ozone high’ that leaves your skin feeling tingly as your body is flooded with oxygen. If you’re sick with a cold or the flu, you’ll trying to recoup from an extreme physical event, or you are sick with any number of diseases, you’ll notice a boost of energy from a 30 minute ozone sauna treatment. Since ozone therapy is tied to longevity via stem cell creation, and curing a number of diseases via boosting the immune system, my guess is that your ozone tent won’t be collecting dust!

So what do you think about my solution to the red blood cell/V issues of the day? Let me know below or give me a call. To become a distributor, check back in the next few days and we’ll have that option available to purchase. By the way, I have been asked if this is considered ‘practicing medicine’ and the answer is no. You won’t be making any medical claims. You’ll simply be offering an ozone steam sauna spa session. The customers may think, based on the research, that this type of ozone therapy will do x, y, or z, but we will strongly discourage you from making any health claims and for sure not to advertise or use the C word. (cure) We will however have photos taken of blood before and after treatments in order to provide anecdotal evidence that the ozone treatments help with red blood cell issues. That’s a given! And remember, the protocol I developed is different from the protocol used by most ‘ozone sauna’ providers. We don’t pump ozone into a 110 degree high humidity environment! The ozone will be immediately destroyed, so what’s the point if the goal is ‘ozone therapy?’ (I never understood that) What I’ve discovered is that yes, use the heat sauna to open the pores and sweat for a little bit (10 minutes or so) but then open the tent, let the heat and humidity out, and fill it with 100 ppm of ozone at room temperature. I don’t want to give away the exact process I’ve developed but it maintains 50 ppm for 30 minutes and then sucks all of the ozone out before opening the tent. A good amount of that ozone will enter your body via your open pores. (Yes you do this naked or in your underwear sitting on a towel.) And that ozone will stimulate your immune system and stem cells via a well know and well understood process that seems to work miracles per the literature out there on ozone therapy. So I think the time is right. The idea is great. So let’s see what happens. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

My Yearly Physical Reveals Super High Covid Antibodies. What?

My Yearly Physical Reveals Super High Covid Antibodies. What?

So I go to the doctor once a year to get bloodwork like everyone else, and I just got a follow-up visit to go over the results. Much to my doctors surprise, I have off the charts Covid-19 anti-bodies, the highest he’s ever seen.

I’ve blogged that over the past two years, ever time I get a sore throat and chills I perform a routine that gives my body natural immunity against whatever ‘bug’ decided to set-up shop in my throat and nose. First, I highly ozonate water and spray it into my nostrils with one of those nebulizing spray bottles. Then I drop a nuke on the virus. I gargle with vodka every few hours, swishing it around for 5 minutes at a time. The theory from a PhD who discovered this cure to the common cold (or flu) is that this causes the virus to die and then go into the blood sublingually and via the gums. Said PhD was excited to share his findings with the world but let’s just say he was persuaded to keep it to himself and maybe some close friends. If you’re a doctor, you can verify this yourself by running antibody blood work on a patient that tries this protocol and getting samples before the blood work comes in. You’ll find that the bug that caused the sore throat will match the antibodies, even if the person is like me and had the Covid-19 bug.

This cure for Covid-19 has to be kept on the down low. Covid-19 like cancer is an agenda, and who are we to throw a monkey wrench in the world orders agenda, right? They’d crush us like a bug if we tried to get this information to go viral. So just file it away in your wellness black book and give it a try the next time you get a sore throat. And don’t wait for it to spread deep in your lungs! The vodka ozone water trick might not work then, (I have a hunch, don’t know for sure, studies are needed) You have to get your immune system involved EARLY (my intuitions tells me) so that it can’t spread to your lower lungs! So the SECOND you feel a sore throat coming on, hit the bottle, vitamins, and the ozone!

For researchers that wish to duplicate my exact protocol, I also took 10 times the recommended amount of Vitamin C. Normal amounts of Zink, NAC, and D3 for three straight days (on day four I cut that down because I’d be felling fine by then.) I rinsed my nose with highly ozonated water 4 times a day. That equates to 2 minutes for 8 oz with my 10g machine. And I performed a heat sauna and 40 minutes of ozone therapy sauna once a day, pumping the ozone in for 30 seconds on, 3 minutes off for the 40 minutes and doing it outside with a fan blowing in my face so that the high ozone concentration that leaked out wasn’t breathed in. Also, I’d first undergo a 110 degree heat sauna for 15 minutes before introducing ozone in order to open up my pores all over my naked body so that the ozone ozone could enter my body all over. And that’s it, besides meditating, praying, smiling and laughing a lot and being a generally cheerful kinda guy, happy all the time, positive thinking, and having unshakable faith that my Creator has my back as I have for a long time dedicating my life to glorify Him in all I do.

I’m a big fan of the immune system our Creator gave us to stay healthy and practices like eating good. Doing thing that promote wellness. (meditation and prayer for instance) A big shout out to the keeper of the stars and His holographic universe! Thank you! And I’m also thankful for the brain (via parents DNA) he gave me to discern and then utilize the things that I innately feel best boost my immune system and ward off the ‘bad guys’ that seek to rob me of my health. And that includes negative energy entities! Let’s not forget that we fight against Dominions and Principalities of darkness, not just man made viruses. I feel that ozone, healing frequencies, meditation and prayer also help keep us protected against those negative energy vampires and their minions.

I’m thankful I currently have the freedom to share my truths with the world. I know we’re heading towards a world where robots and Ai run the show and tell those who participate (a chipped, cashless society) in that planned future dystopian one world society what they can and can’t think say and do. (The reason I moved to a lake house community in Arkansas, that garbage will never fly here, lol) But for now, I can, so I do, and I’m thankful for that. And when that time comes to participate in a society that forces the participants to become part machine if they wish to continue to buy, sell, and work or else be forced to live in “District 12” like Katness (Hunger Games), having to live off the land, off-grid in nature, I’ll be happy to live out my life in nature. Free. So thank God for this Natural State of Arkansas! And for my ozone. My vodka. And my organic food! I want to live out my life like Frank lived out his life. (My way) In other words. God’s way! (We were not put here to bend a knee to tyrants! We were put here to expose and fight them!)

New Ozone Therapy Products Now Available.

New Ozone Therapy Products Now Available.

My favorite show growing up was the 80s show MacGyver. I felt from a young age that if everyone could just have MacGyvers’ gift for solving problems, all world problems would cease to exist. Well, I grew up always thinking ‘what would MacGyver do’ when facing any challenge, and guess what? I developed a ‘knack’ for solving problems in my life that has served me and my family well.

So we’re adding an ozone sauna tent and a pump action ozone bidet to our offering once again. I quit offering these products at the beginning of the so called pandemic because of supply side issues. The tents went from costing $100 to over $200 in many cases. You can still find vendors selling them for $250 or more. But the price has come back down to $120 or so (when you add tax and shipping) . That will be our price. But this is an ‘add on’ product only, not sold alone! If you buy our 10g water ozonator, you can add this to your purchase. The ozone bidet on the other had wasn’t available during the onset of the pandemic. Too much demand caused the price to quadruple, so I just quit selling it. We’ll offer that as well as an ‘add-on” for $20. It allows you to pump ozonated water into hole #1 or #2 if you’re a woman, or one of those what-cha-ma-call-m’s. 😉 Joking aside, if you ever have irritable bowels, constipation, the runs, or are detoxing, cleaning your rectum out with highly ozonated water is a true god-send.

The type of ‘ozone therapy’ that one can receive from a simple steam sauna tent, our 10g medical grade ozone generator, and an oxygen concentrator is game changing! Just place the steam sauna outside so that the small amount of ozone that leaks out near the neck opening can be whisked away by a breeze or small nearby fan. If you were forced to take a vaccine, or you didn’t take one and you want to prevent from getting too sick from any cold or flu bug you might catch here on out, then this is something you’ll want to own.

We can’t do anything about the madness coming from the outside world. We can however find solutions to counter the challenges we face. Ozone therapy is one of those solutions that must remain below the radar (lest it be shut down) and that wise people will add to their ‘wellness toolkit’ while they still have a chance.

PS. If you decide to buy our 10g ozone generator with oxygen concentrator and this tent and want to start a local business offering ozone therapy, give me a call. (619-361-5195: Mike) I’d love to supply you with the tent and bidet at cost along with giving your new business a jumpstart by linking to your website! (Via an ‘ozone therapy’ section in our menu) We get hundreds sometimes thousands a visitors a day, all organic (how we keep our cost of goods down) I’m sure our customers in your area would love to support your business!

With so many health professionals quitting over vaccine mandates, wouldn’t that be something if we could establish thousands of ozone therapy spas around the world to help put an end to the …… well. You know.

Steam Sauna. Can also be used for Ozone Sauna”
Ozone Bidet

Operation Global Reset: 1.1. Nano Graphene Oxide in Vaccines, Masks.

Operation Global Reset: 1.1. Nano Graphene Oxide in Vaccines, Masks.

Top Secret. Not for General Release.

November 11, 2019.

As you have probably heard, we have been given a mandate by (redacted) to reduce the population on Earth 90% by 2030 in order to prevent mass extinction from a now well understood cyclical event known as a (redacted) from ever taking place. After years of careful collaboration with both science and medical experts, we have determined that the most humane and efficient way to accomplish this mandate is via a worldwide (redacted). This will force anti globalist Nationalists leaders to cede power, via emergency power declarations, at which time we will take control of all power apparatus in every country of the world. We will then be able to easily proliferate our agenda over the next ten years, with little or no resistance.

Based on years of research and numerous Ai run computer simulations, we have determined that the best path forward, with the least resistance, requires that we fully incorporate all religious, educational, and media institutions into this operation, without their knowledge, but with their tacit consent. We can accomplish this by having them coalesce under the color of ‘science.’

Accomplishing our objectives will not require the deployment of bioweapons per se or weapons of mass destruction during Phase 1. The key catalyst to the first phase of our plan will simply require the deployment of Graphene Oxide (GO) nano particles and 5g radiation. NOTE: This plan will discharge a greater toll on populated areas in first world countries vs rural areas and third world regions. Areas such as Africa will mostly be unaffected.


Deployment of Graphene Oxide into the general population of ‘1st world’ regions via:

Cheap generic plastic masks. Manufactured in China, these will be mandated in all public areas.
PCR test swabs. Those who refuse the vaccines will be required these tests on a regular basis.
Graphene Oxide nano particles in all of the mandated Covid-19 vaccines.

Graphene Oxide Toxicity causes:

  1. Thromboses
  2. Blood clots
  3. Disruption to the bodies immune system in lieu to a (redacted) immune system.
  4. Graphene Oxide helps disrupt the immune system by blocking glutathione production which impedes natural detoxification of heavy metals and a long list of known toxins. NOTE: Lockdowns will also impact natural Vitamin D production and cause stress which will also damage the immune system, both vital to our plan.
  5. Graphene Oxide passes through the blood-brain barrier and because it can be activated by 5g frequencies, it will also (redacted). NOTE: Graphene Oxide was already included as an adjuvant since the 2019 flu shots.

Conclusion: Graphene Oxide, 5g radiation, vaccines, lockdowns, and the resulting economic and physical stressors in 1st world regions will pave the way for Part 2 of our ten year plan by 2024. By getting the entire world to embrace science, even the Nationalists and religious zealots who blindly follow their leaders, current models do not anticipate Part 1 of being implemented with any significant violent resistance. As a result, a more divided two tier society will be created, and will thus pave the way for Part 2.

Disclaimer: Obtained via Remote Viewing, which science tells us is nonsense, so please disregard this as fiction.

On a side note, ozone oxidizes Graphene Oxide and in combination, can actually be useful at removing some toxic substances. (see research on O3 and GO) I believe this is why alt health practitioners are having success using ozone therapy on vaccine damaged people with red blood cell issues (chronic headaches, fatigue, low oxygen levels, etc) Ozone does the opposite of Graphene Oxide, it floods red blood cells with oxygen.

On the bright side, the elites will be able to negate the effects of V’s via ozone therapy. On the other hand, I fully expect ozone therapy and medical grade ozone generators to be illegal by 2026.

Solution to Red Blood Cells Losing their Ability to Carry Oxygen, Clot due to mRNA V’s?   Ozone therapy.

Solution to Red Blood Cells Losing their Ability to Carry Oxygen, Clot due to mRNA V’s? Ozone therapy.

So this doctor carried out several tests with a certain thing that starts with a V. (My hundreds of generic links from Google are being buried. I think it’s because of some recent V blog posts I’ve now deleted. I have to be more careful in the future on how I share info on this subject in a way that doesn’t penalize me financially, at least while I have young mouths to feed. ) Anyway, this doctor found that apparently, (he got the same results after several tests), the V causes red blood cells to lose their ability to carry oxygen. It also seems to cause red blood cells to clump together. (clot) What the actual hell is going on here, FDA?

One of the may reported ‘side effects’ of the V is fatigue and headaches. Another is low oxygen levels. Well. One of the benefits of ozone therapy is that it boosts the immune system and allows your red blood cells to become fully oxygenated. Also, ozone seems to ‘oxidize’ metals, especially nano metals. I wonder if that’s why it helps? Who knows 😉

Nuff said.

PS. In order to see nano particles, you need an electron microscope. They’re a little pricy, to say the least, and doctors don’t have access to electron microscopes. So disregard this doctors opinions on the ‘garbage’ in the vaccines. Believe me. Not one particle in those vaccines is ‘garbage.’ They’re all there by design. They all have a very specific reason to be there. (Do some research on nano technology. The future of medicine) Modern pharma manufacturing is mostly robotic/computer generated. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to put the future of my kids health in the hands of a compassionate medical professional that is probably a father himself rather than a soul-less Ai run computer that may see my son as a parasite to the future health of this planet and then proceeds to …. never mind. (Focus Mike! Stay on script!) Anyway. The doctor in this video makes it sound like low wage Mexicans are making V’s, lol. What a dumb position to take, given even someone as un-initiated in the medical profession as me knows that robots and not humans make these Franken-cines! Maybe he’s CIA controlled like A.J? Here is the proof to back my assertions:

Using robotics to manufacture drugs

Hanne: Stéphane, you’ve mentioned, you know, kind of the fast design of the V, and then you mentioned even robots printing medicines. Can we get your version of what that machine assembly line looks like?

Stéphane: So, the robotics farm we have in our factory is basically just an assembly of robots that get instruction coming directly from computers. There’s no human interaction. And basically, you start from a piece of DNA. That is basically your template. You put that in a reactor with water. There is no cell — it’s a cell-free manufacturing process, which is why it’s so fast. And you put enzymes. And basically, what the enzymes do, they attach to the DNA, and they read the DNA template. And they quickly tell pieces of nucleic acid — i.e, the zeros and ones, the four letters of life — they bind them next to each other to make an mRNA molecule. Then the robot goes to the next step, which is you add a cap. 

Hanne: Stéphane, you’ve mentioned, you know, kind of the fast design of the V, and then you mentioned even robots printing medicines. Can we get your version of what that machine assembly line looks like?

Stéphane: So, the robotics farm we have in our factory is basically just an assembly of robots that get instruction coming directly from computers. There’s no human interaction. And basically, you start from a piece of DNA. That is basically your template. You put that in a reactor with water. There is no cell — it’s a cell-free manufacturing process, which is why it’s so fast. And you put enzymes. And basically, what the enzymes do, they attach to the DNA, and they read the DNA template. And they quickly tell pieces of nucleic acid — i.e, the zeros and ones, the four letters of life — they bind them next to each other to make an mRNA molecule. Then the robot goes to the next step, which is you add a cap. “

So there it is. The so called ‘garbage’ in the V’s wasn’t introduced by ‘human error.’ And no. Computers and robots don’t make mistakes. They carry out commands. So my question is this. Who knowingly commanded that so-called garbage be injected into me, my kids, my friends, my fellow citizens, my fellow human beings? And why? And why haven’t humans stood up en mass, demanded answers?

We’re basically being told to STFU, trust us! And if we don’t, we then face financially ruin. Becoming a second-class citizen. The new terrorist/threat to National Security. Hated by those who bend a knee to the petty tyrants calling the shots. That pun reminds me of a joke. How do they say “FU” on Hollywood casting couches? “Come on honey. Trust me!”

Back to the main evidence, which is on point. Any doctor can replicate this doctors findings on the blood issues he raises. All you need is blood. A microscope. And some mRNA V. If you work at a university and have access to an electron microscope, on the other hand, you may want to take a gander at both the V and blood that’s been exposed the the V. Share your discoveries with the world. If enough professionals leak info or shed light on this issue, our kids just might have a future. If not? Well. The future of our children will be at the mercy of known criminals organizations. Soul-less, greedy, godless entities with only one agenda, to make money, even if it requires breaking the law or causing harm. And our Congress has their back! Keeps them out of prison or from doing time for the most part. We are being asked to allow these entities to modify our immune system? Really? Known criminal organizations with a long track record of criminal activity. A well established lust for money over doing what’s right that causes them to put profits over people or communities time and time again. And you want me to trust my kids future to them? F-off.

Download the compiled list of 685 Pharma criminal and civil convictions (A special thanks to James True for compiling that list) for the V manufacturers. These are only verdicts from an official court post-2000. Companies include AbbVie, Amgen, AstraZeneca, Bavarian Nordica, Biontech / Astellas Pharmaceuticals, Bristol Myers Squibb, Dynavax, Emergent, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Moderna / Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Purdue, Roche, Sanofi, Seqirus / Novartis, Takeda, and Teva.

Pharma Rap Sheet Summary

  • fraud … 77 cases … $ 28,681,828,000.00
  • False Claims … 281 cases … $ 26,788,783,298.00
  • health violation … 48 cases … $ 1,001,249.00
  • conspiracy … 2 cases … $ 8,356,000,000.00
  • kickbacks … 75 cases … $ 8,997,459,592.00
  • bribery … 53 cases … $ 4,520,386,940.00
  • violation … 447 cases … $ 14,498,161,508.00
  • falsification … 10 cases … $ 130,890,797.00
  • deficiencies … 23 cases … $ 353,580,000.00
  • consumer protection cases … 30 … $ 1,862,571,934.00
  • Corrupt … 27 cases … $ 2,321,769,998.00
  • sanction … 7 cases … $ 32,343,600.00
  • price-fixing … 35 cases … $ 1,111,065,084.00
  • anti-competitive … 32 cases … $ 1,049,366,534.00
  • safety … 94 cases … $ 5,496,792,018.00
  • felony … 3 cases … $ 8,633,000,000.00
  • criminal … 61 cases … $ 28,296,410,197.00
  • civil … 75 cases … $ 29,528,133,771.00

Would you invite someone with that rap sheet to dinner let alone trust them to inject code that alters your immune systems mRNA? Given their long history of greed and lawlessness, what are the odds that ends poorly for their consenting victims? And as a society, should we allow our elected officials to mandate that we take their poison, despite our objections, otherwise lose our right to participate in society?

Don’t worry. That will only happen in communist totalitarian counties like China. That will never happen here in the great, free US of A. We’re free to do what we want to with our bodies, that’s what the abortion proponents always say, right? And we can’t be bullied or coerced into doing something that we don’t want to do to our bodies, like get a tattoo or chip implant. Inject poison or an experimental drug. Let alone do something that is well known can harm our health or may even kill us. (this V has killed over 10K already) Something that has no long term studies to prove it’s safe over the long haul. And for sure, they can’t make me take something that causes oxygen uptake issues, blood clotting, low oxygen levels, etc. Everyone know that cancer thrives with low oxygen levels.

Let me end this on a positive note. Many alt health doctors are successfully treating V injured people or people with red blood cell or clotting issues with ozone therapy. Not surprising (to me) they’re finding it reverses those conditions. (amazing what flooding the body with oxygen and stimulating your stem cells can do!) So all hope is not lost. I feel the powers that be will make ozone generators illegal someday however. Remember NAC? It was over the counter until double blind studies found it cured coronavirus infections and the flu in general. The FDA argued since it was clinically proven to ‘cure’ something, it was a drug. So they pulled it from Amazon and the shelves. Now you can only get it from a doctor. Well. Study after study is finding that ozone therapy cures a myriad of diseases. It’s only a matter of time before you can no longer buy a medical grade ozone generator like the one we sell and treat yourself to ozone therapy in the comfort of your own home. For that reason, I’m going establish a network of tent ozone therapy home businesses (in the works) where I’ll send my customers (distributors) free residual ozone therapy business their way. More on that in my next post.

Why not? Necessity is the mother of invention, after all. #winning

Walmart Recall of Aroma Scents contaminated With ‘Rare and Dangerous’ Bacteria Tip of Iceberg.

Walmart Recall of Aroma Scents contaminated With ‘Rare and Dangerous’ Bacteria Tip of Iceberg.

A recent news article about a potentially fatal bacteria found in contaminated aromatherapy scents sold at Walmart is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the dangers of air fresheners. Let me explain.

20 years ago I worked for an environmental engineering firm that basically worked with insurance companies to test the air for toxic mold and VOCs (new home syndrome). The knowledge I gained from that training has served me well over the years and even helped inspire the creation of several companies including Forever Ozone. One of the things I learned was that air fresheners are a major cause of indoor air pollution (VOCs – volatile organic compounds) Unfortunately, the company that owns Febreze, Proctor and Gamble, is one of the wealthiest Intl Corps in this world, so the dangers of air fresheners is a ‘shhhhh’ subject.

Years ago, Febreze ran an ad campaign that claimed that their products not only get rid of odors, they ‘eliminate‘ them. I contacted them and claimed that’s what ozone does, not their chemical products that actually contribute to air pollution and actually contain a long list of health damaging substances. The truth is that their products don’t even cover up odors! They just add another foul chemical smell to the mix. Foolish me threatened to sue them and expose the truth. Help promote ozone. A win-win situation for me and my company. I got a threatening email in response that suggested they have the resources to litigate me out of business, if I dare try to rain on their false marketing parade. A few days later they had a local lawyer deliver a personal message to help me understand what I was up against and that those people don’t play. The very health and well-being of my children would also be impacted if I chose to try and litigate this story via social media and the Internet. When I asked how, I got a coy response that they knew where my kids went to school and that I would ne longer have the funds to live in a nice house or send them there if I chose to pick a fight with P&J. Hmmm I thought. They must have hired a PI to find out where my kids went to school. That’s odd I thought, unless they were trying to intimidate and scare me. And it worked. I took that as a personal threat. But after talking about this with my wife, I decided that they were bluffing. I was in the right and had nothing to worry about. So I blogged about it and called the local news station and tried to get them to report on this story and my pending litigation. Boy was that stupid! Within months I was kicked off Amazon where I was getting 66% of my sales. I wasn’t able to pay the $10,000 lawyer retainer. And this dream of exposing the truth about Febreze was dead. I still wonder if picking a fight with P&J over Febreze had anything to do with that. I had a perfect sales record on Amazon and then out of the blue people were posting bad reviews of my products and asking for their money back, returning broken machines. Do you believe in coincidences?

My attempts to bring attention to the false advertising and the many health risks of their air fresheners never even got off the ground. I came to learn that the parent company, Procter & Gamble, one of the wealthiest Corporations in the world has enough money and ’33 connections’ to squash any story that painted Febreze products in a negative light. P&J has more products and spends more money on advertising those products than any other Corp in the world! There isn’t a news station in this country that would be foolish enough to risk losing their largest advertiser.

This makes perfect sense in retrospect. We live in a world where bad is called good (air fresheners) and good (ozone) is called bad. This now all make perfect sense. So I just filed that away as just more proof that Corporations and governments have an agenda to make money and cause illness, (to feed Pharma and medical establishment), not to be good citizens of this world or to honest. And for sure. Not to promote our well being. That’s our job. And I also learned that here in the real world, you pick a fight with Goliath and you get squashed. But on a positive note, I’m much happier now than I was back then! Much more peace in my life now. I learned that peace comes from within, not from things outside of me.

The fragrances found in nature elicit different emotions, and good quality essential oils are also healthy in my opinion, but you value your health, stay away from the heavily processed chemical ‘scents’ and air fresheners on the market! Cleanliness is next to godliness and nothing says clean better than a thunderstorm (creates ozone) or an ozone shock treatment to sanitize and purify the air. Get rid of all the ‘bad guys’ which include bacteria and viruses that can rob us of good health. Ozone shock treatments in unoccupied rooms even kill flies and mosquitoes! Cost if you own our machine? Free, which is just more proof that the best things in life are free! I also learned it’s not wise to mess with mother nature. But above all, I got to witness how this world works, and where lasting peace and happiness come from. It’s not from Amazon. Or fake fragrances. Or anything outside of us. I learned that if we do what is right, the real ‘us’ will be blissful deep inside us come what may, and that our path will be blessed with peace and happiness despite whatever happens in this ‘movie’ we call live, good or bad. There are no problems, just solutions waiting to be solved, and new exciting trails ready to be explored and witnessed! So yeah, I tend to laugh at this fake, backwards messed up world and don’t allow it to set-up shop in my consciousness! I’ve got this 🙂

PS. If you have that recalled fragrance product from Walmart, the best way to sanitize all surfaces of that harmful bacteria is with an ozone shock treatment, not trying to wipe surfaces down with chemical products that will create indoor air pollution (another problem) Isn’t it interesting that Pharma solutions cause side effects but natural solutions like ozone don’t? Ozone is natures air cleaner, and without it, we’d all be dead. (Smog from fires, volcanic eruptions would linger and eventually kill us all. Ozone breaks down pollution and eliminates it by breaking down the chemical bonds that comprises what is in air pollution) Blessed will be those who have the power of ozone at their disposal when things hit the fan and modern society falls apart. (By designed, can’t stop their plans. But you can be prepared!) Fires will rage, burning plastics and chemical laced materials creating toxic clouds. Water, giver of life, will also be contaminated. Ozone will be like the blood above the doorway that keeps the angel of death that kills 1/3 of the world in the last days from paying your family a visit. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to sell our machines when that day comes, and what good will having a million dollars in the bank be if you don’t own our all in one ozone generator then? When that day comes, I wouldn’t trade our 10g ozone machine for any amount of money. If you don’t have good health, you don’t have anything.

15,000 mgh Commercial Ozone Generator Now Available

15,000 mgh Commercial Ozone Generator Now Available

15g ozone generator
Forever Ozone 15G Commercial Ozone Generator

Ask. And ye shall receive. We asked the universe to find a stainless steel case for our awesome next-gen 15g quartz tube ozone modules and VIOLA! A factory reached out to us and made us a deal we couldn’t refuse and the rest is history.

Nothing says ‘Forever’ with an ozone generator like stainless steel. Most ozone generators sold on Amazon are painted steel. And in China, the paint used on ozone generators contains lead. (don’t take my word for it, take a chip off any ozone generator sold an Amazon and test the paint for lead.) Adding lead to the pain does make the paint more ozone resistant by the way. The reason they use leaded paint. Back to my point about the case for most ozone generators. When the pain chips off, the exposed steel quickly rusts, and worse of all, the screws (often non stainless steel) rust and are impossible to remove. I learned this 12 years ago which prompted me to create Forever Ozone and our original ‘bare bones’ ozone generators. Over half of the Chinese made ozone generators I sold 12 years ago quit working within a year when used regularly. Why? The ozone was rusting the thin pieces of copper in the wire harnesses, timers and sometimes the on-off switch. Worse of all, when I’d get the unit back to investigate what was going on, I wouldn’t be able to remove the case because all of the screws had become rusted and fused with the now rusted steel case. What a disaster! And very frustrating I recall. I had to destroy the case to get inside. Once inside, I discovered the transformer was fine. Virtually none of the transformers would crap out. Sometimes the plate would crap out before the transformer in high humidity areas, but usually it was the ozone had destroyed the wire harness, timer, or on off switch, causing the unit to fail to fire up.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and that was certainly the case here. I went on to design a bare bones unit that shipped in a flat rate USPS box (to save money on shipping) and the rest was history.

Fast forward to 2021. We’ve now ditched the ozone plate ozone modules for a ‘forever’ module that features a quartz (glass) ozone tube with stainless steel mesh. We have two. A 10g/h model and a 15g/h model. The 10g/h model fits inside of a 5″x5″ PVC enclosure but the 15g/h module is too big. Won’t fit. So we had to find a larger case. We couldn’t find one, but one found us! Now all that was left was the design. We designed this unit commercial unit without an exposed copper wire junction box (connects the power cord to the timer, transformer) and without an internal timer. The on-off switch is self contained and doesn’t have any parts that the ozone can destroy. Thus, we can offer a lifetime warranty with this commercial unit.

This unit comes standard with an external 30 minute interval timer. You can also opt to upgrade the timer to a repeat cycle timer, cell phone app smart plug, or wireless on-off outlet for $8 more.

If you operate an ozone business. Forget having to send your ozone generators in every year for an expensive service, or having to replace your machines every few years! If the transformer or stainless steel quartz tube module ever fails, just send it in for a free replacement! They’re easy to switch out. We design our units with the ‘keep it simple’ axiom in mind, so there’s only two wires that need to be cut and spliced to replace the ozone module. This saves both of us on shipping costs.

We will have a limited supply of these units in stock until November (4 per week). After that, we’ll keep 40-80 in stock at all times.

Thanks for looking, and if you have any questions, give Mike a call at 619-361-5195. Thanks for considering Forever Ozone, God Bless, and take care.

P.S. Yes, we ship this ozone generator to California!

Study Finds Ozone therapy in COVID-19 works.

Study Finds Ozone therapy in COVID-19 works.

This is the most conclusive study I’ve found thus far that proves ozone therapy is not only effective in treating Covid-19, it has no side effects! (Something I believe no other treatment can say). Here is the conclusion of this study: (click here to view study)

“Conclusion: Systemic ozone therapy has several positive effects, such as control of inflammation, stimulation of immunity, low antiviral activity and protection from acute coronary syndromes and ischaemia reperfusion damage. This therapy could be a new method of immune therapy, so its use in combination with other antiviral drugs in COVID-19-positive patients may be justified, helpful and synergic. Ozone therapy carries no known adverse or toxic effects when performed properly. DIV is the easier route of administration, and its use has been hypothesized in the treatment of several pulmonary diseases, including theoretically SARS-CoV-2 infections.”

While technical, this explains how ozone helps boost the immune system and keep Covid-19 from shutting down your lungs:

“Ozone is a molecule that could perform antiviral action by interfering with the virus replication phase; this feature is linked to the ability of ozone to oxidize cysteine residues through the formation of “disulphide bridges” present in the structures of the virus itself in high quantities. Coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, are rich in cysteine, and these residues must be intact for viral activity. Ozone’s action consists of oxidation and inactivation of the specific viral receptors used for the creation of the bond structure of the cell membrane, therefore inhibiting the level of its first phase: cellular penetration. ACE2 receptors’ activity can be regulated and blocked through the control of Nrf2, an important nuclear message transductor. Ozone acts directly on Nrf2, and it could be an important physiological mechanism to block endogenous COVID-19 replication by preventing contact with SARS-CoV-2 receptors. Moreover, the activation of Nrf2 leads to a reduction of iron overload and the subsequent oxidative stress induced by elevated ferritine; thus, this ozone activity protects from apoptosis induced by oxidative stress. NLRP3 inflammasome, a cytosolic complex responsible for the production of IL-1β and IL-18, plays a crucial role at the beginning of and during inflammation in various diseases, including viral infections such as COVID-19. Ozone shows its anti-inflammatory activity through the modulation of the NLRP3 inflammasome. Therefore, it could protect from acute coronary syndromes and ischaemia reperfusion damage that occurs in the lungs of patients affected by COVID-19, attenuating NLRP3-mediated inflammation, enhancing the antioxidant activity of Nrf2 and inhibiting apoptosis.”

I think this will be my last article on ozone therapy to treat Covid. I think I’ve proven the case for ozone therapy. Every day, more research is concluding its effectiveness at boosting the immune system and fighting viral and lung infections. I will add to these past few posts with new research as it comes to light.

I’ve always felt that o3 was a “God molecule” because of it’s ability to kill the ‘bad guys’ that rob us of good health. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and ozone is natures cleaner, and without the formation of ozone in our atmosphere to remove air pollution (after volcanic eruptions, forest fires, man made pollution), we’d all die. But the combination of sunlight and pollution causes oxygen (o2) to split, and the o1 to join forces with o2 in creating o3; this remarkable molecule. Activated or super oxygen is then Johnny on the spot to save the day to break down the pollution! Instead of thanking God for ozone, the powers that be call it pollution. A toxic gas. (Inversion 101, evil calling good evil) Why? My guess is to draw attention away from the tax paying, powerful industries that pollute. Calling natures cleaner pollution is a genius way to take the heat off the powerful industries that pollute!

US history has a lot of examples of propaganda being used to convince the population that poison is good for us because of some type of “National Security” issue. The biggest case of medical malpractice in my opinion is the introduction of rat poison (fluoride) into our public water systems under the guise of promoting teeth health. They pulled off that scam because when we developed nuclear weapons (production of atomic weapons creates mountains of fluoride) National Security dictated that we find a way to quickly dispose of all of that toxic rat poison (that’s what fluoride was used for before, and still used for today) that building ‘the bomb’ created. The high degree Freemasons that run our government put fellow 33 degree Freemason Andrew Melon in as head of Health and Human Services in order to pull off this great public health scam. You see Melon owned Alcoa Aluminum. So happens the production of Aluminum also creates tons of fluoride! Moreover, it’s very costly to properly dispose of fluoride. They knew they could count on fellow traveling man Melon to pull off this ‘greatest health scam of the century’. Not only would he no longer have to pay to dispose of his toxic waste, he’d get paid to dump it into the water! And he’d help America build the bomb.

So how did he pull this off? Melon hired a scientist to prove that fluoride kills the bacteria that causes cavities, and it does. It’s very toxic after all! That scientist then theorized that if we put it in water, we could improve public health by promoting strong cavity free teeth. No studies were done. They just started putting fluoride into our public water systems one by one. The result. Less cavities over x amount of years, so they claimed. (Who really knows, given they were running a scam) That’s all it took to start that disastrous program which has lead to countless cancer deaths and disease, especially preventable childhood cancers. Living in an area that adds fluoride to the water has been proven to lead to lower IQ test scores among children. Believe it or not, the Nazi’s put fluoride in the water of their concentration camps because of it’s known neurological effects (makes one more passive, less aggressive, dumbed down). America is one of the only countries in the world that still dumps rat poison (fluoride) into its public water systems. Even China stopped the practice after they studied the negative health effects fluoride has on children over a decade. (10 times higher childhood cancers) So China stopped poisoning their people with fluoride many years ago. Most countries followed suit. Fluoride Alert is a great website to learn about this ‘hush-hush’ subject you’ll never hear our education system, Hollywood or the MSM talk about.

As with Fluoride, which I think time has proven without a doubt causes childhood cancers and lower IQ, not to mention destroys the teeth, our beloved government you would think would have our best interest in mind seems to care more about “National Security” and globalist issues. You can go your entire lifetime and not hear a peep about the dangers of fluoride unless you stumble across a website like mine that is not scared telling the truth, come what may. So given this fact, should it surprise us that the Nazi’s who apparently are still large and in charge of our government call ozone bad but fluoride and vaccines good? LOL. The only good thing I can say about our country is that we are still free to voice our opinions without facing immediate repercussions like in more totalitarian regimes. Many people have died to give us those freedoms we’re slowly losing today, but in the final analysis, it’s up to us to stay true to what we believe. Regardless of the consequences. We owe at least doing that to all those who have come before us and fought, even died defending the freedoms we take for granted today which can cease to exist any day, the way things are going. Until then, speak your truth without fear, and do what you know is right, regardless of the consequences.

Recent case studies on the use of ozone to combat coronavirus

Recent case studies on the use of ozone to combat coronavirus

I keep looking for studies on the use of ozone to kill SARS and Coronaviruses and I keep finding new ones, hence this new post.

This new study is pretty extensive in delineating the many different ways in which ozone kills viruses and the risk that breathing ozone poses to our lungs. If you’ve read my blog posts, you know the “forever ozone’ method includes introducing fresh air after a shock treatment to remove any ‘tiny’ particles created by breaking down VOCs into smaller components. People who do a shock treatment to remove second hand smoke should strongly consider following our protocol. Second hand smoke has 1000’s of chemicals that are broken down by the ozone shock process. Those tiny particles need to be flushed out after the shock treatment.

It’s not like they don’t know ozone therapy helps with killing Covid. Get a load of this: “Five review studies were found in which the potential role of systemic ozone therapy was concluded to be effective in controlling COVID-19 because of its antiviral, oxygenation, anti-inflammatory, oxidation balancing, and immunomodulation effects. Three ongoing clinical trials were registered in China. A preliminary report of an ongoing study in Italy on 46 patients (11 intubated and 35 non-intubated) showed that in 39 (84%) of the patients, an improvement was seen. In spite of the promising background data, as well as the expert opinions and a preliminary report indicating the effectiveness of ozone, there is still not enough evidence to confirm this as a viable treatment option for COVID-19.” (reference) 84% improvement isn’t enough evidence? Really? Hmmm. Interesting. I think the jury is in. The MSM has chosen to not covered the trial, that’s all.

Here is a link to this ozone study (click here) Note the many different things that ozone therapy has been shown, via studies, to cure. Yet doctors are afraid to administer ozone? And why aren’t over night (when closed) ozone shock treatments in closed offices, businesses, medical facilities being promoted? We know for sure that even small amounts of ozone kill surface Covid. The USA Army is promoting ozone shock treatments in empty barracks to slow the spread of Covid, on the down low. I wish someone in our National Press would promote ozone shock treatments to slow the spread of Covid. If they ever do, like I said, I’d be willing to offer our products AT COST (not looking to profit from Covid) to schools. Hospitals. And Government agencies. That offer still stands, and will never be redacted.

“Ozonated autohemotherapy was associated with a significantly shorter time to clinical improvement in this prospective case-control study”

“Ozonated autohemotherapy was associated with a significantly shorter time to clinical improvement in this prospective case-control study”

Those were the results of a small case study using ozone therapy to cure Covid-19 in patients that had already fallen so ill that they needed hospitalization. (see case study here) By that point, the lungs are already infected and breathing was already difficult, yet ozone therapy still significantly lessened the amount of time in the hospital. (7 days vs 28 days). If ozone is administered EARLY in the infection, a overnight hospital stay can be avoided. And who knows how many lives can be saved. And lets not forget that even low levels of ozone kill viruses according to the research (Japan study)

An ozone 10 pass treatment is expensive and it’s very hard to find a doctor who can perform it using the German equipment. Why? Mainly, they fear the wrath of the medical establishment in the USA. In Europe, it’s cheap and widely used. Lucky them! But ozone tenting is a cheap alternative that can be done at home. Basically, you sit in a steam sauna (cost around $100) with your head popping out of the tent as you sit down with a bucket that emits steam and then after your pores are open, you open the tent to let the heat out and you slip a silicone hose (via a small cut on the side of the tent) into the tent that fills the tent with ozone while your head sticks out as to not breath the ozone. (very important, ozone is not for breathing!) Our 10g ozonator emits over 100ppm of ozone and would quickly fill the tent with ozone that would then enter your blood via your skin pores. Since ozone is also good for longevity and boosting your immune system, this is something I’ve done regularly for quite some time and let me tell you, you do feel great afterwards! You really notice the difference if you do it after a heavy workout. This trick has been used in Hollywood and those in the know (think boxers, performance athlete’s) as a way to enhance performance and recovery in a way that is 100% undetectable and drug free! Talk about performance enhancing! After a football game, boxing match, soccer match, etc, a 10 pass ozone therapy (or ozone tenting) should be performed to reduce recovery time, stimulate stem cell growth of damaged cells, and boost the immune system to prevent from catching a cold.

Disclaimer: Just remember. Take precautions to prevent any significant amount of ozone gas from being breathed in during your ozone tenting! I accomplish this by doing it outside with a 20% box fan blowing fresh air at my head and a exhaust tube (4′ drain pipe I bought at Home Depot – installed by cutting a round 4″ hole in the side of the tent and using duct tape to close it up) on the tent that directs the excess ozone 10 feet away.

Ozone therapy works, and the science proves it. However, our medical establishment is profit based, so ozone (cheap, very effective, but can’t be patented) will never catch on in the USA. So this information will never be known by the masses. But lucky you. You found it and got to digest it. Knowledge is power. Enjoy your new found power, and spread the news.